5 Types of Tea Sets and What They Reveal about Your Personality

 Apr 29 2018  Tea Fun
The Elegant Tea Set

5 Types of Tea Sets and What They Reveal about Your Personality

You must have come across the phrase, “You are what you eat.” But did you know this phrase holds true as well, “You are what you drink in!”

Let me tell you some interesting facts about the tea set you relish your favorite cup of tea in. This is something which reflects your personality in quite a unique way.

1) Vintage Tea Set

Vintage Tea Set

Personality Type: Always on the go…

A Vintage sip…dude, you’re always in a rush. We know you never have enough time. Wondering why a day has 24 hours and why not 36 or even more?

If this is you, you have your own set of rules nobody understands. You’re a disciplined person. But for you, there are loads of unsolved mysteries yet to be discovered.

2) The Elegant Tea Set

The Elegant Tea Set

Personality Type: You love to feel liked by everyone

An elegant sip…Certainly coming across a good Kindle eBook or having a loooooong……deep conversation with someone, makes your day complete. Self-accomplishment always gives you inner happiness. You tend to admire others’ accomplishment (but not from the heart!)

3) The Sparkling & Crafty Tea Set


The Sparkling & Crafty Tea Set

Personality Type: You’re reflective and kind

A kind sip…you love making people happy. You always like to do things keeping others in mind – this means you’re not afraid to go out of the box. This isn’t all. You’re also an animal lover. You love cherishing good moments. In the meanwhile, you forget yourself!

4) The Bold Bone Mugs

The Bold Bone Mugs

Personality type: You’re hardworking

A workaholic sip…while you don’t go with the flow, you’re a very moody person. You always live in your self-created doubts. You think you’ll never make any difference to this world, so you never try. But your desire always pushes you to achieve your goals.

5) Puerto Rico Tea Set

Puerto Rico Tea Set

Personality Type: You’re a mysterious soul

A mysterious sip….you think deep. You’re quite an introvert in nature. Most of the tasks you like to perform is when you’re alone or at home. You don’t allow people to interfere in your life. You prefer isolation, and that’s how you win the game!

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