Best Tea for Each Month

 Feb 06 2018  Tea Fun
Best Tea for Each Month

The Best Tea to Drink During Each Month of 2018

Here are the Best Tea for Each Month:

January: Golden Himalaya Darjeeling

Tea grown in the foothills of the Himalayas is perfect for the heart of winter. Stronger black tea flavors, and high caffeine content make this ideal morning tea for a cold month like January.

February: Rooibos Vanilla Tea

A pleasant, sweet aroma and a mellow vanilla flavor make this a perfect tea to wrap up the day. Naturally caffeine free, so it’s perfect to sip after dinner on a cold February evening.

March: Mingqian Longjing Green Tea

In the Chaozhou region of China, the plants used to make mingqian longjing green tea typically start budding around mid-March. This tea has a lighter flavor that will help you get ready for the coming spring months.

April: Chinese Silver Needle

The tea leaves for Chinese Silver Needle white tea are rested during the winter months, and pack a heavy dose of antioxidants to help you spring into summer. Slow absorbing caffeine should help you make the most of the lengthening days.

May: Lemon Ginger Green Tea

Lemon ginger is a great infusion to pair with some green tea to bring on the summer months. Additionally, green tea can help you shed those winter pounds and get ready for beach season.

June: Spearmint Tea

Summer is here, and so you need a tea that you can drink cold or hot. Spearmint is a great lighter flavor that’ll help you beat the heat. Spearmint tea can also be combined with matcha for a variety of summer recipes, including cocktails.

July: Ginger Mint Green Tea

This is another tea that’s great for icing and mixing with other summer drinks. The bright flavor won’t turn you away when it’s hot out. Ginger mint green tea can also be a great infusion for your summer lemonade.

August: August Teas Far Afield Herbal Tea

What’s better during the month of August than a tea named for the month? This herbal tea is infused with ginger and mandarin orange flavors to keep your spirits up while you wait for fall to arrive.

September: Apple Green Tea

Autumn is getting close, but it’s not quite time to break out the pumpkin spice just yet. But, some apple infused green tea is a great way to start easing your pallet into the holiday flavors that are just around the corner from September.

October: Chai Pumpkin Spice Tea

October means it’s time for pumpkin flavors. Black tea with cinnamon and pumpkin flavors is perfect for autumn. The black tea has the caffeine you need to keep your eyes open through Halloween, and into the darker winter days.

November: Tummy Mint Tea

The onset of winter can get us down in the doldrums, and sometimes being inside a lot might bring on a cold or two. Tummy mint tea is great for helping you feel better, or just cheering you up when it’s dreary outside.

December: English Breakfast Tea

December 15th is international tea day. This makes December the perfect month to indulge in a classic: English breakfast tea. This is also a great tea for the onset of winter because it’s specifically designed to help get you going, which is great when the sun starts rising later.

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