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     Heidi Zetz 
    Tea Lover

    I’ve been drinking tea for a few years now and also love to workout. I do a lot of hiking, pilates and yoga. Always looking to learn about new workouts and outdoor activities.

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     Bob Dainko 
    Tea Lover

    I do!! Love hiking and biking. Also, do a lot of fishing and hunting.

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     Jamie Wilhelm 
    Tea Lover

    I’m a huge yogi!

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      Tea Master

      My girlfriend is a huge yogi as well!

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     Alexa Hall 
    Tea Lover

    I teach yoga in Bali! If anyone will be in Bali please reach out to me

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      Tea Master

      Do you have any additional info on your classes in Bali? I have a few friends traveling out there next month and I’m sure they’d love to drop in on one of your classes.

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    Tea Master

    I envy the people who can do yoga well. I know it takes practice, but I simply cannot get by body to bend like that:)

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     Nicole Bigler 
    Tea Lover

    Yes, I workout daily.

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      Tea Master

      That’s so awesome! Keep it up!

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    Tea Master

    Huge fan of working out! For me it’s a combo right now of golfing during the day and playing basketball at night

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