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     Jamie Wilhelm 
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    Looking to get some new teacups. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Tea Lover

    Hi Jamie, I don’t want to get my face as I’m here as a tea lover and not as a “business woman”, but I paint on porcelain and I customise a lot of mugs & cups, so,  if you want to have a look on my FB page, you’re more than welcome!

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      Tea Master

      Hi Marta, what’s the link to your facebook page?

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    Tea Lover

    Are you looking for fancy or practical? I love the David’s tea Nordic mugs. They hold 16oz, for a substantial cup of tea, come with a fine mesh basket for steeping in the cup and a lid that doubles as a saucer for the basket. They are also on sale right now (2 for $40) which is $6 off. You have a choice of glass or ceramic. I favor ceramic because they feel a little sturdier and retain heat a bit longer than glass.

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      Tea Master

      This is super helpful! Thank you so much for sharing

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     Cheyenne Sweeley 
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    The best tea cups from my experience are from mei leaf. They are tulip shaped so you get a good area to smell the tea and they are a good size and shape for easy drinking. I have bought lots of good tea and tea ware from them!  Here is the link: https://meileaf.com/teaware/blue-cups/

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      Tea Master

      Wonderful Cheyenne! I will definitely check this out a little later


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