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     Sougo Kobayakawa 
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    To make the best matcha, there’re many required conditions.

    First of all, matcha itself.

    99.9% of matcha is blended by tea shops.  Uji matcha is most well-known matcha, but actually, it is allowed to name Uji matcha if it contains Uji tea over 50%.  It means 49% of a can of matcha is not Uji matcha, even it contains much of inferior matcha.

    If you want pure matcha with no blended, you have to go to the farmer directly.  However, unfortunately, most of tea farmers don’t make single-origin matcha.  I have looked for tea farmers who is farming very good single-origin matcha, but the result was very few.  I already found 2 tea famers who are making very fine single-origin matcha, but the way was not easy.

    You can obtain those matcha if you contact me.  Please tell me which one you want, koicha or usucha.

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