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     Heidi Zetz 
    Tea Lover

    What’s everyone’s favorite tea? Mine is green tea. I drink it daily, and sometimes even multiple times a day. Would love to learn about everyone else’s favorite tea 🙂

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     Bob Dainko 
    Tea Lover

    My wife and I love us some black tea! Green tea is great too but our favorite is black tea.

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     Jamie Wilhelm 
    Tea Lover

    Oolong is my go to!

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     Jared Stephens 
    Tea Lover

    I’m a sucker for white tea! But truthfully like a lot of the other kinds a well.

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     Alexa Hall 
    Tea Lover

    Green tea all the way!!!

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    Tea Lover

    I can’t say I have a favorite type of tea, because truthfully, I drink all types depending on how I feel and time of day.

    For example, I may begin my day with a nice cup of a Second Flush Assam. As the day progresses, I may indulge in a more floral cup of Darjeeling tea, or a Nepal high grown tea.

    My go to in the evenings is green tea. A Chinese gunpowder green will do nicely after dinner, especially if its a big meal!

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    Tea Lover

    My top 5 teas are

    1. “Good night tea” ; Baldrian, lavender flowers, lemon zest, peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers, flower buds, valeriana
    2. Yerba mate
    3. A strawberry – champagnetea
    4. Matcha tea
    5. Chinese white tea

    And your are… ?

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      Tea Master

      I know all of the ones you mentioned except for good night tea. I will check it out.

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    Tea Lover

    Love Love Love Earl Grey!

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     Verdyane Buminagari 
    Tea Lover

    my fav is Peach Tea. But, green tea or chinese white good enough. 😉

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     Lauren Shroll 
    Tea Lover

    I love any kind of chai tea. Whenever I go to coffee shops, I usually go straight for the chai latte with almond milk. I like black teas in general, so I also drink a lot of English breakfast. During the summer, I’ll go for a cherry or peach tea, and in the winter, I like a vanilla roobois or apple cinnamon tea. It changes seasonally.

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     Mickey Wondrland 
    Tea Lover

    My fave is Mad Hatter Tea which is a blend of green and black teas. I also love lavender tea!

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    Tea Lover

    My favorite tea is detox tea.

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    Tea Lover

    Oolong is my favorite!❤

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    Tea Lover

    My favorite is the next one I am going to have. But I am fond of Oolong and Pure.

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