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     Heidi Zetz 
    Tea Lover

    Hello Tea Lovers!

    I’m Heidi and I am a massive tea lover!! I am from the Ohio, USA. I am so happy to join this community and look forward to sharing tea tips and learning from you all.

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     Bob Dainko 
    Tea Lover

    Hi Heidi!

    Great to e-meet you. I’m Bob but most people call me Robert. I am from Canada but visit the USA once a year.

    Anyways, I’m in the same boat with you where I love tea (just recently started drinking it with my wife).

    Excited to share and learn with the community 🙂


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      Tea Master

      Welcome Bob! What is your and your wife’s favorite tea?

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     Jamie Wilhelm 
    Tea Lover

    Hey everyone! Stoked to be here with you all. My name is Jamie and I am huge tea fan and big yogi.

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      Tea Master

      What would you say is most yogis favorite tea to drink?

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     Jared Stephens 
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone! I’m Jared. From the states but currently living the digital nomad life. I’ve been meeting tons of new people in cafes all over the world. Tea has been a drink for me that is super social and always me to meet with tons of new people. Tea > coffee

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      Tea Master

      What are some good tea conversation topics?

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       Lauren Shroll 
      Tea Lover

      This is basically the dream life! Do you have any top cafe recommendations?

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     Alexa Hall 
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone! Seems like a cool group of fellow tea lovers. I like, Jared, also am from the states but am living in Bali right now teaching yoga classes 🙂

    We drink lots and lots of tea and promote a very zen, active, and spiritual lifestyle.

    Hope to meet some of you soon!

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      Tea Master

      What tea is most popular in Bali?

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    Tea Lover

    Hello Everyone! It’s nice you meet y’all! I’m from Texas and I’m obsessed with Tea!! I love trying out new ones, exploring different taste and unique ways to make them.

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      Tea Master

      What’s your current favorite tea?

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     Danielle Alison Reid 
    Tea Lover

    HELLO! I’m Danielle and I’m currently living in Texas! I am a huge TEAVANA  fan! I absolutes the art of making your own combinations and loose leaf teas!

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      Tea Master

      Hey what are your top 2 or 3 favorite teavana products?

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       Lauren Shroll 
      Tea Lover

      I’m a huge Teavana fan as well. My grandma recently got me one of their teapots, but it’s so pretty that I haven’t brewed anything in it yet. What are some of your favorite teas?

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    Tea Lover

    Hello! I live in the UK and I’m  a massive fan of herbal teas and fresh leaf infusions. All about the loose leaf and cannot wait to share ideas with you!

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      Tea Master

      I’d love to learn more about tea in the UK. Would you be open to writing an article on it or starting a forum discussion on it?

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    Tea Lover

    Hi everbody, nice to be there with you all! I’m from Italy and like you I’m a tea (and tea stuff) lover!


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      Tea Master

      What’s your favorite tea stuff?

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    Tea Lover

    Hello there!

    My name is Marisa! I live in California, and I am also a huge tea lover! I love everything from matcha, to loose leaf, to milk teas, to herbal teas, and I love trying new teas! I’m hapoy I live in Orange County where there are endless cafes that have teas and lattes, so I enjoy trying out new places when I can! I’m excited to be part of this community with so many other tea lovers☺️❤️

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      Tea Master

      Hey I live in Orange County as well. What tea spots would you recommend that I check out?

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     Well Of Tastes 
    Tea Lover

    Hi Everyone! My name is Agnieszka and I’m from Poznań, Poland. I am so happy to join to you. Nice to meet you! I’ m a tea lover. 🙂

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      Tea Master

      What’s your favorite kind/type of tea?

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    Tea Master

    Hey guys! My name is Chase and I’m from Orange County, California. Excited to learn from you all!

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    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone! My name is Vikram. I live in Cambridge, MA. I’m an avid tea drinker, so much so that I started my own small online tea shop last July!

    Look forward to tea conversations with you all!

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      Tea Master

      That’s awesome! Would love to learn more about your tea shop.

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      Tea Lover

      Chase – ask away about my tea shop! A brief into…

      We’re a small endeavor, based out of Cambridge, MA. Our focus is on single origin, premium grade teas sourced directly from estates in India and Nepal. I grew up in Calcutta, a major tea auction city. And so I have close friends directly involved in tea production, tasting, and export. With their help I have navigated the otherwise complex supply chain, eliminating middlemen and wholesalers to bring fresh, premium tea to the US at a fair value.

      Happy to answer any other questions you may have!

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     Cheyenne Sweeley 
    Tea Lover

    Hello! I am Cheyenne. I have a great interest in pure tea. I do still love blends and herbals, but my main passion is with pure tea leaves. I am so excited to gain knowledge here and hopefully provide some insight on true tea and the amazing culture around it.

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      Tea Master

      Would love to learn more about pure teas from you. Would you be open to writing an article on it or starting a forum discussion on pure teas?

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    Tea Lover

    Hi there!

    Im Viltsumari from Finland. Im a middle-age lifestyle-blogger and i have interviewd teas in my blog too. Unfortunately its all in finnish (and before i got my new Olympus camera).

    I think most of finns drink Lipton-black tea or other cheap teabag-teas. If they want something special they buy Moomin berry-teabags. Well.. its ok if they dont know differences between good and much better teas. Right?

    Im not even sure how many different teas I have in my home but im lucky my wife also loves better teas (and coffees) like I do. And so does my boy’s girlfriend.

    My favourites are teas without coffeine. Esp. Herbal “good night”-tea inc. Valeriana, camomilla etc.

    I also love rooibos. And daytime, mate or matcha.

    Im happy be here on this group so thank you of asking me to join in.


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      Tea Master

      Welcome Viltsumari! I went to Finland last year and it’s one of my favorite places I’ve traveled to so far. I hope to get to visit again sometime soon.

      Love your feedback on different teas!

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      Tea Lover

      Thats awesome Chase-h-dimond!

      We have 4 amazing seasons and even finns are sad and quiet people , we also are very friendly.

      Finland is like a bird’s nest to us; Everything is quite fine here. No war, no volcanos or tsunamis, no dangerous spiders… all is better than many other countries where they have hungry people and so on.

      Im proud also of our ” finnish sisu”. We dont have a word to say it in english but it means how strong we are, how we survive of everything and we dont stop before problems are solved. You’ll find more of finnish sisu if you write “finnish sisu” to google.

      Welcome back!

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     Pooja Kamat 
    Tea Lover

    Hi Everyone, I am Pooja from Bangalore, India. I am a lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger. Looking forward to all conversations… and I Love Teaaaaaa…. 🙂

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       Lauren Shroll 
      Tea Lover

      I’ve always wanted to visit India. What platform is your beauty blog on? I do travel blogging via WordPress and share images through Instagram. Love tea too!

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     Lauren Shroll 
    Tea Lover

    My name is Lauren. I’m a senior undergraduate student of Ohio University, but I grew up in Portland, Oregon. I’m a blogger, traveler and daydreamer. I love toast, and a good cup of vanilla chai, preferably as a latte. Other teas I love are English breakfast, coconut looseleaf, and a good peach tea. Nice to meet you all! It’s so awesome to see people from all over the world here. Maybe I’ll see some of you on upcoming travels?

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     Deenuka Kasinather 
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone!

    I am a tea fanatic and love drinking all types of teas! Its the perfect pick me up, cool down and the best addition to any outing! My favourite tea is Pomegranate tea!

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     Gladys Matasane 
    Tea Lover

    Hi Everyone,

    hope you are well – My name is Gladys , but you can call me Gee.

    happy to join fellow tea-lovers all the way from South Africa:).

    I love roiboos tea with lemon and honey.

    happy connecting….

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    Tea Lover


    I am Adisa, Croatian that lives in Germany. I am  a lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger that likes life and nature, also I love photography . My favorite part of a day is when I’m relaxing and enjoying my cup of tee 🙂

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     Kirsty Wallace 
    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone! I’m kirsty and I live in Northern Ireland! I’m a nurse and I am onbsessed with all things tea 🙂

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    Tea Lover

    Hi! My name is Laida and I’m Spanish, concretely from the Basque Country. Here is not usual to drink tea but I have a problem… I LOVE TEA. We have many cafes which are specialized in tea, and I try to go there 2 days a week. Thank you for reading ?

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    Tea Lover

    Hi Tea Lovers!
    My name is Arricha Faiza, you can call me Icha. I am from Indonesia and live in Bandung. I was invited by community manager, Sarah. I really thanks to you, I can join the community and can share about tea. ?

    My favourite tea is green tea and I like the aroma of jasmine tea. I was drunk tea since 1 years old. That was the first time I try drink tea. I love the aroma and the taste of tea.

    Thank You for reading this comment ?

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     Elīna Pakalne 
    Tea Lover

    Hey everyone! My name is Elīna. I live in Latvia. I’m new blogger on Instagram and do some musical.ly. My favorite part of the day is morning, because at morning I always drink cup of tea!? Have a nice day and don’t forget enjoy your tea!



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    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone, my name is Brandon. I’ve lived in New York City my whole life, specifically in the Bronx. I was raised in a traditional Chinese house hold, so Tea has always been apart of my life since I was young. I am a food blogger on instagram with the handle @eatingwithblim, so feel free to follow me on my culinary journey! I love consuming tea in all forms ie, regular brewed, hot, iced, ice cream flavored, bubble tea, etc.

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      Tea Master

      Hey Brandon! How are you doing? Welcome to Tea Lovers! Love your Instagram profile. Thank you for sharing! Would you be willing to share any food or tea recipes with us?

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     Dali Veronica 
    Tea Lover

    Hi Everyone!

    I’m a dancer and psychologist. My passions are also traveling and reading. I admit I have a love hate relationship with TEA. I don’t particularly love the taste of tea but it is the main thing that actually decreased the chemotherapy side effects of nausea and heartburn. Drinking Mint leaf tea is extremely efficient in reducing nausea and heartburn. But even just smelling it decreases nausea! This is why I kept a mint tea bag inside my purse at all times for a month! My friends thought it was funny and asked when I had started smelling glue. Lol. Also, chamomile tea has been very helpful in

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     Dali Veronica 
    Tea Lover

    Hello lovelies,

    I’m a dancer and psychologist. My passions are also traveling and reading. I admit that I have a love-hate relationship with TEA. And no, it’s not because a British chap broke my heart. I don’t particularly love the taste of TEA but drinking tea was actually the only thing that really decreased my nausea and heartburn during chemotherapy last year. I don’t know how, but drinking mint tea when you feel like your esophagus and stomach are on fire is like pouring an ice storm on a wild fire. One kills the other. It’s awesome. Also, just smelling a bag of mint tea helps with nausea. This is why I kept a mint tea bag inside my purse at all times for a month! My friends thought it was funny and asked me when I had started smelling glue. Lol.  Also, chamomile tea has been very helpful in soothing my nerves.

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      Tea Master

      Hello Dali! Welcome to Tea Lovers! You sound like you have an incredible story. How are you doing/feeling today? Hopefully, your battle with cancer is going well. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing with us!

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    Tea Lover

    Hello one and all,

    My name is Ash, I’m English, and I love tea.

    I live in Taiwan – home of Oolong tea, consequently one of my favourites. Does anyone else here like Oolong?

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      Tea Master

      Hello and welcome Ash! How do you like living in Taiwan? I like Oolong tea. Probably my second or third favorite.

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    Tea Lover

    I really like living in Taiwan, and see me staying here for the foreseeable.


    Tea is a big culture in Taiwan, and plays a big role in social occasions. When I first started learning Mandarin Chinese, I would sit in tea shops designed for tea tasting, where hundreds of bags of teas would sit on the shelves and you could essentially pick which ones to try. This is all free (of course, it would be nice if you actually bought the tea, which I did, eventually buying a traditional Chinese tea set, too!).


    Sitting, drinking tea from around the island and imported from other areas of Asia, practicing speaking, and sharing stories – great experiences. Anyone who comes to Taiwan, I would strongly recommend going and see the treasure troves of tea shops.


    I actually wrote about it here, too: https://eatingintaipei.com/2017/02/20/taiwanese-tea/


    So, I am curioes Chase-h-diamond: What are your other favourites?

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     Aakash Nair 
    Tea Lover

    Hello! My name is Aakash Nair and I am from Mumbai, India. I run an agency – Hustle Media House and am in the process of setting up a cloud kitchen based on South India Cuisine.

    Excited to join this community and look forward to learning from you all. My favourite tea is peppermint or Moroccan mint tea.


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      Tea Master

      Hello and welcome Aakash! Great to have you here. Sounds like you do a lot of awesome work!

      One of our community members recently wrote an article on Moroccan Mint Pot Tea. Would love your thoughts on it.

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     Aubree Landon 
    Tea Lover


    I am Aubree Landon, founder of Ctrl + B Digital Design. I am from the US (Indiana).

    I grew up thinking my mom had weird taste every time she ordered iced tea at a restaurant but now realize tea is absolutely amazing. I love it hot or cold. I drink it just because and also for health reasons, tea is so versatile and a great alternative to coffee for this nursing mom. My favorite to drink at home is green tea but a local coffee shop in my hometown makes the most amazing raspberry chai.

    Excited to be among fellow tea lovers!

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    Tea Lover

    Hello everybody Aisha here. I’m from Texas living in southwest France. Being from the south I’ve always drank sweet tea. I was introduces to chai tea by my bestie from India in my 20s. Moving to France is when I started to appreciate all types of teas especially loose tea because they are not expensive here and tea shops are so easy to find. Tea salons are almost everywhere.

    I don’t know if I really have a favorite tea because I am still learning. Now when I go buy my loose teas I tend to gravitate toward a white and green mix. Anything with rose in it gets me excited. Rooibos makes me feel warm and cuddly especially with orange and cinnamon.

    I am thrilled that I was invited to this community and can’t wait to learn and be a part.

    Love and Tea!

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    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Edyta and I am originally from Poland but I  live in London,UK.  My tea drinking started when I was advised to drink milk tea while breastfeeding my first son Eli 5 years ago.  From then on I can say that I have enjoyed different kind of teas. At the moment one of my favourite one is rooibos tea.

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    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone! I’m Gavin a tea lovin artist from Ireland, I’m glad there’s more people who love tea just as much as I do! I feature it alot in my art work

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     Alexa L. 
    Tea Lover

    Hello tea lovers from all around the world,

    I’m Alexa, originally from Romania, but have been living in Germany nearly all my 28 years.

    Tea has been part of my life for as long as I can remember: Drinking it makes me feel like I have a spa day for the mind, soul and body. It relaxes me, brings out my best thoughts and ideas, lifts my spirits when I’m feeling blue and of course it warms me up from the inside. Tea is life. As such it is my little treasure and that’s why I only share it with a selected few people… a bit like the tea lounge I have been frequenting for nearly 13 years now. It’s in that old Japanese style and their traditional Marrakesh Mint blend is heavenly. So yes, I’m a peppermint/mint lover, a creature of habit, but I do drink the occasional sweet tea like strawberry or blueberry.

    I’m delighted to meet so many awesome and interesting people like you all.

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    Tea Lover

    Hi! I’m Laura and I live in Poland! I love any type of tea.

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     Sara Chenh 
    Tea Lover

    Hi,I am sara,I am from hong kong,my friend and i are running an ig accoint about food n travel:852foodvoyage

    We love chinese tea abs green tea and earl grey tea so we always head out to find nice cafe about tea~

    Nice to meet you all~

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     Ta Aemorn 
    Tea Lover

    Sawasdee ka (Hello)

    My name is Ta, I’m from from Bangkok,Thailand. I love to try many kind of tea from around the world. I have my own page Delicious Tea Room. I would like all of you to visit my page. 🙂

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    Tea Lover

    Hello fellow tea lovers,

    I am from Chicago, Illinois! Love Pu-Er Tea and Matcha, can’t go wrong with either! They are both good for your health and cleanses the body very well, which is great for foodies like me! Follow my instagram @lindahhlam14 if you want to know more!

    Have a nice weekend!


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     Athina SK. 
    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone,

    I’m Athina from Greece ( haha so far from everyone else ) and I really love tea. As a bookworm, drinking tea has become a habit of mine when reading my book and it also has become one of my many props when taking bookish photos ( I’m what they call it a “bookstagrammers” ). As for my favorite tea, I enjoy green tea with lemon or flavors such as “forest fruits” that are a bit more sweet. I’m not an aficionado so I’m looking forward to some good tips and tricks to elevate my tea game , hahaha.

    Glad to meet you all

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     Yang Yang 
    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone,

    I ‘m Yang Yang from Taiwan. Very happy to join this tea lovers group. I started drinking tea since I was a child. These 20 something years, my parents makes tea every morning, afternoon and night. That’s why I can’t leave tea in my life. Next week I will travel to Europe for at least 2 months. I will travel with some tea which grew in the beautiful mountains in Taiwan, like black tea and green tea. These are my favorite tea. Also, my parents runs a traditional Chinese medical shop, I make herbal tea sometimes. Wish I could meet someone who also loves tea in Europe, I’d like to share with you. Probably I’m not a tea expert, but I’m a tea lover.

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     Lisa D 
    Tea Lover

    Hey guys & girls. I’m Lisa from Ireland! We’re notorious here for loving our tea. “Hug in a mug!” Personally I love a good Green or Peppermint! Look forward to hearing about the tea habits from all around the world! ?

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     Jay Bennett 
    Tea Lover

    Hi! My name is Jay and my favorite tea is Moringa tea. It is popular in India and also the carribean. My father was born in Jamaica so upon going there for the first time a couple years ago I got to learn a lot about the herbs they use besides the obvious one. Lol In one cup of Moringa there is 7x more vitamin C than oranges, 4x more calcium than a glass of milk, and 3x more iron than spinach. It’s also very tasty, kind of in between earl grey and green tea I guess. lol I look foward to sharing the many other teas I discovered in Jamaica with you all because they have a tea for every ailment! ?


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    Tea Lover

    Hi, my name Andri, i’m from indonesian. I like a green tea. Tea from indonesia what i love i tea melati

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    Tea Lover

    Hello Tea Lovers!

    My name is Michelle and I’m from Silesia, Poland.

    MMy favourite tea is white and black. I can trink black tea everywhere and always. White tea is for me at the special party.


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     Lucy 86 
    Tea Lover

    Hello! My name is Lucy and I am an independent consultant for Arbonne, 32 and live in London!

    My family have been  huuuge tea drinks forever. In my parents house they usually enjoy English breakfast and the kettle is ALWAYS on! My self and my brother also enjoy riboosh, green, lemon and finger teas very often.




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     Lora Jackson 
    Tea Lover

    Hey everyone, my name is Lora. I am i huge tea drink. I love Green tea, English breakfast tea and Thai tea. I look forward to hearing all about what every loves about tea and what tea they enjoy.

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    Tea Lover

    Hi Everyone, my name is Emily. Tea is growing on me every single day. I am originally from China and have been to Kungfu tea class. It was the first time I found tea as an interesting topic. I always know that Tea/Herbal Tea is good for the individual as per their condition (Chinese Medicine), but recently from my own experience, it actually helps me with some of my symptoms. So now, Tea become one of my routines, and I don’t think I would ever stop.

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     Lizette Torres 
    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone! My name is Lizette and I’m from Texas. I love green tea and lemon tea. Love all teas!!!

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    Tea Lover



    My name is Preslava and I am from Bulgaria, East Europe. I am huge tea lover and my favorite teas are black, green, white & mint tea. I don’t like plain fruity/herbal teas as well as rooibos tea. I start my morning with either black tea (Earl Grey/English Breakfast or Ceylon) or green tea (recently I’ve been loving the combination Green tea, raspberry & pomegranate and sencha). In the afternoon I enjoy white tea and in the evenings – either mint tea or decaffeinated black tea.  Right now I’m drinking genmaicha and I really like that slightly rice like taste it has – so good 🙂


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    Tea Lover

    Hi Tea Lovers…

    I’m Retno and I am a tea lover!! I am currently living in Indonesia. My Husband is Turkish. I am drinking turkish tea mostly 2 time per day.

    I am so happy to join this community and look forward to sharing tea tips and learning from you all tea lover.

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    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone ,

    I’m Sophie and I come from Paris, in France.

    It’s a real pleasure to meet the Tea Lovers community.

    I drink tea all day and especially those for the well-being. It’s so important to listen to our own body and feel the benefits it provides.

    See you soon 😉

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    Tea Lover

    Guten Abend Tea Lovers,

    my name is Enise and I‘m from Germany.

    The best part of my day is drinking tea and reading a book.

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    Tea Lover

    Hi, I am from Toronto, My name is Richa Ahuja. I love tea usually before I go to bed, all kinds of calming tea. I love visiting tea and board game places.

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    Tea Lover

    Hi, my name is Emili.
    I’m from Australia, I am 17 years old so I have been drinking tea since I was 15.
    My favourite tea would have to be lemon tea. It has lots of vitamin C, and is extremely good for the cleansing and flushing out toxins as well as aid digestion.


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    Tea Lover

    Hi Guys!

    My name is Erin and I am from Australia.

    I’ve been drinking tea for about…16 years now I think? I first started when I was working as a barista, because I needed something to stop me from drinking too much coffee each day.

    Since then though, (mainly in the past few years) I have started drinking herbal tea and I find it SO relaxing. My acupuncturist also makes a tea for me to help with my anxiety, so I have a cup of that before bed each night. It tastes gross though…LOL

    My favourite tea flavours are rose, vanilla, creme brulee and lemongrass.

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    Tea Lover

    Hello dear !!

    I’m Fadoua and I am a massive tea lover!! i’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger from morocco. ..i blog daily about everything . I am so happy to join this community and look forward to sharing tea tips and learning from you all.

    My favourite tea flavours are vanilla, lemongrass , tea helping to lose weight and detox

    Here is my instagram page: .https://www.instagram.com/fadouas.edd_beaute/ .

    Looking forward hearing back from you.

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      Tea Lover

      Hi Fadoua!

      I just followed you on Instagram; my handle is @_makeupandcoffee_ ?
      Have you actually found any teas that are good for detoxing? I don’t really believe in teas helping to lose weight to be honest, but I know that they can be great for detoxing.


    • #2780
      Tea Lover

      Hello Erin

      Thank you so much for your follow and time .

      I hope to find this kind of tea because I have the want to lose my weight Because I have heard of before lemon and ginger is to help lose weight

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      Tea Lover

      Hi Fadoua,

      If anything, slimming teas will only help you lose water weight as they generally contain diuretics. Once you stop drinking the tea, the weight just goes back on; especially if you haven’t changed any of your eating/lifestyle habits. Do you definitely want to try a tea to lose weight, or are you open to other options?

      Erin x

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    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone!


    My name is Tau and I am an artist. I am fascinated by tea, so much so that I have an entire series of artworks dedicated to it! My favorite tea varies depending on my mood for the day, but recently I find myself drinking Sencha frequently.


    Nice to meet you all!

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     Mariaveronica Beraldo 
    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone! I’m veronica and I’ve always been a tea lover (I also drink three cups a day)

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    Tea Lover

    Hello all!


    Anna here from London 🙂 I’m a big fan of trying new teas, and strange combinations! Mainly herbal though 🙂

    My latest adventure was in Avocado Green Tea!!

    Im a designer by day, but a tea lover always!

    My instagram tag is @keziaanna


    Looking forward to learning from you all!




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    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone!Estrella here from California .I love drinking tea & I drink green tea(Japanese matcha is my fave),oolong,earl grey,herbal teas,hibiscus tea,medicinal teas,etc.

    I had kidney and gall stones and taking herbal teas from the Philippines flushed it out of my system.I drink tea for enjoyment and health reasons.

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    Tea Lover

    Hey everybody!


    My name is Lucy, I live in Southampton, UK. Like most British Children I started drinking tea when I was 7 years old or so. My favourite teas are, Earl Grey, Assam with Vanilla and I’m very partial to soothing teas like valerian.

    Of course theres nothing like the taste of home- British Builders tea!



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     Amarante fit 
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone!

    my name is Amarante, friends call me Amy!

    i really love tea! I love fresh gingertea, earl grey, all the green teas! Like sencha and white teas like jasmine! I also am a very big fan of the winter flavours like cinnamon!

    I live in the netherlands, and i’m turning my life around by working out every day and i don’t drink soda anymore!

    How are you doing?

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    Tea Lover

    Hello to all you preTEA people! ?


    My name is Lydia, and I am from Kentucky which means I have been drinking tea since I was born. As I grew older, my tastes refined. While I still love some sweet tea, my current addiction is Matcha. Another classic favorite of mine is early grey lavender with honey and milk!

  • #2797
    Tea Lover

    Hi there!

    I’m Evelyn, Chinese born in Indonesia. Born in a Chinese family, drinking tea has always become my daily habit. We drink tea while we gather, eat breakfast, as well as on something we drink to replace water.

    My favorite type of tea is Jasmine tea. Jasmine has very strong aroma and slightly bitter taste that it brightens you up.

  • #2799
     Humaira Sadaf 
    Tea Lover

    I’m Humaira. We drink tea while we  have breakfast. I’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger. I like drinking all kinds of tea. Tea has been apart of my life since I was young. I usually drink green tea, oolong,earl grey,herbal teas,hibiscus tea,medicinal teas,etc. My favorite tea varies depending on my mood for the day.

    I am so happy to join this community and look forward to sharing tea tips from you all tea lover.

    It’s an immense pleasure to meet all the tea lovers.

  • #2801
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Maria and I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I love milk tea, especially Matcha Green Tea Latte!

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  • #2804
    Tea Lover

    Hello i m sara from Gabon living in South African and I m tea addicted I mean Tea lover since 6years now so my passion with tea make me realize my dream and i just start to produce my own black tea with dry rose petal you are all welcom to try it  instagram:Mluxurydetoxtea

  • #2807
    Tea Lover

    Hi to all tea lovers, I’m Oguzalp you can call me Lala coz i know i have a hard name to say lol.I love in Turkey,Rize and my city is the biggest tea producer town in Turkey so that’s the why i am a tea addict.Keep calm and Love Tea..

  • #2809
    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone, my name is Manon and I come from Corsica. I love tea, but I can not find my favorite! I am happy to join you 🙂

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  • #2812
    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone, I’m Laetitia and I live near Strasbourg in France. I’m a foodblogger (my blog : lespetitesrecettesdelaetitialaure.blogspot.com) I love tea (green and white tea). My favourites teas are from a little french company in south of France called iTea organic and created by Adrien, who is passionate by teas. I have written an article on my blog related to it.

    I’m very happy to join you. My instagram is : lesrecettesdelaetitialaure, and my Facebook : Les petites recettes de Laetitia Laure.

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  • #2819
     Arsenius G Sofian 
    Tea Lover

    Hello guys ! I’m the new guy LOL

    Call me Arsen, I am from Jakarta, Indonesia

    I can say that Tea is like water to me haha I consume Tea a lot

    My favs is Chamomile 😀

    Nice to know you all ! Awesome Forum 🙂

  • #2823
    Tea Lover

    Hi, guys!! I am from Colorado! I have loved tea from a young age, probably around the age of eight.  Currently I’m in love with green tea and oolong tea, but I’m always up for trying new kinds of tea.

  • #2824
     Huda Manazir 
    Tea Lover

    Hi Guys!

    My name is Huda, I’m from Canada!!!

    And I love certain types of teas. I usually love green tea, and fruity and floral notes. Just a story: One time I was served a type of tea that had a sour apple note, and that was the first time I had fallen in love with it!

    I am a baking and pastry student and one of  the greatest inventions in baking history is tea infused chocolates!!

    Very Happy to join you all, I have a small business as well if you’d like visit my instagram: @cakes_dessertsbyhuda


  • #2826
    Tea Lover

    Hello Tea Lovers. My name is Marta. I am corporate accountant and i am law student. I love vanilla and sstrawberry tea. If the weather is not good i chose tea with ginger, orange and honey. I am intetested in reading books ( especially crime books and psychology). If i have free time i love take bag and travel.

  • #2827
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone,My name is Leticia from “AmarTé”, we are a new tea blends shop in Uruguay.We’d love to share some experiences with all of you!Our shop name “AmarTé” is like a words trick in spanish wich means “To love tea” and “to love you” at the same time :DHope to hear something from you all.Regards!

  • #2832
     Amanda Cate 
    Tea Lover

    Hello all!!!

    My name is Amanda and I have a blog called Amanda Cate (you can check it out here)!!! I love tea – otherwise I wouldn’t be on this page! My favorite brand of loose-leaf tea is Teavana. I have a large collection of their tea. Although I love Teavana tea, my go-to all-time favorite is STASH brand Coconut Mango Wuyi Oolong tea which is bagged. Tea has been my favorite hot beverage since I am usually negatively affected by the amount of caffeine in coffee.

    Follow my blog (see the link above) and my instagram @amandacateblog!

    Thanks everyone and I am looking forward to conversing with you all!

  • #2835
    Tea Lover


    I’m Simona from Italy. Love tea and coffee and always share pics of my relaxing moment on my Instagram ?

    In this moment i’m obsessed with ginger tea!

    So nice To be here with you!

  • #2836
     Fatima Portilla 
    Tea Lover

    HI! I am Fatima Portilla. I am from Mexico

    I like singing, making videos in youtube and of curse TEA!

    My  favourite tea of the moment is lavander tea


  • #2837
     Crafty Fox 
    Tea Lover

    Hi Everyone!

    I am from Australia! ??

    I have been drinking tea on and off for the last 20 years. Over that time my tastes have changed a bit. I am now enjoying green tea with essential oils.

  • #2847
    Tea Lover

    Hi guys! My name is Felicia. I’m from America. I first started drinking tea when I was a freshman in high school (I’m 18 now, a college freshman) & I have been drinking it ever since! My favorite tea would have to be White Tea or Chamomile. I’m very interested in tasting other teas as well!! (So if you have a suggestion, reply under)

  • #2850
    Tea Lover

    Hello to everyone!

    My name is Eleonora and I’m from Italy.

    I’m so excited to share and to learn a lot from this comunity!

  • #2851
    Tea Lover

    Hi All,

    I’m Jessica and I’m from Manchester, UK. I hate the word blogger but I do love taking pictures for my instagram account mcrfoodie followed by my own opinions. I have been a tea lover my whole life, especially tea has been a special part of my chinese tradition (i.e my wedding ceremony). I really enjoyed silver needle during summer and I love a christmas blend of ( green tea, peppermint, cinnamon orange and vanilla) for winter.

  • #2856
    Tea Lover


    I am Mita from india. I am into yoga and also a tea lover.

  • #2864
     Well Now 
    Tea Lover

    Hello Everyone! I am Tanya and am from South Africa. I am a tea lover and actually make my own teas from scratch for my business called Well  Now 🙂 My favourite is liqourice tea :O

  • #2870
     Elodie bottriaux 
    Tea Lover

    Hello Everyone !

    I’m Elodie from Belgium. I am a tea lover and drink tea everyday since a few years. I love green tea with good flavour like ginger, citrus, mint, etc. What about you ?

  • #2886
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone! I’m Margaret from Ukraine. <span lang=”en”>I adore tea. Green tea and black with milk,herbal and with spices. But it must be without sugar :)</span>

  • #2887
    Tea Lover

    hello everyone is Serena! I’m 20 years old and I’m from Italy. I love tea as a child and I never stopped drinking it, especially in the afternoon. my favorite is lemon tea.

  • #2889
    Tea Lover

    Hello Boys & Girls around the world ☺️?? My name is Michelle. I‘m a Instagram Influencer and I love Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle & last but not least .. tea ? my favorite tea is everything with berry. ☺️ Nice to meet you. ♥️

  • #2890
     Ines Fakiri 
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone !

    I’m Ines, a lifestyle and organic blogger from Casablanca ( morocco) and I love to share my tea experiences, in morocco but also when I travel !

    I am a massive fan of tea, and especially how it represents the Japanese, Chinese, but also Vietnamese cultures and so many others.

    I love to discover new smells and tastes, my favorite type is definitely Green tea, with either floral or light flavors ( green tea -cherry).

    You can follow me on instagram @beldiboudoir , or go discover my blog beldiboudoir.wordpress.com

  • #2907
    Tea Lover

    Hi! I drink water or tea during the day  😀 I live in The Hague (The Netherlands) My father is born in Indonesia :). Before my pregnantcy I liked fresh mmint tea…. now I cant stand the Smell. Exept the mint tea from Lipton. I know I am weird LOL. I am also fan of the Dutch tea : herfst thee from Picknick very Nice cinannom flavor with Orange. And green tea, Lemon or earl grey is always good!

  • #2921
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone! My name is Saray and i’m from Spain. I’m so excited to be part of this forum. I like to drink a lot of water everyday and I drink many teas, my favorite tea is mint pennyroyal.

    Thanks for your time!

  • #2925
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone ?

    My name is María I’m from Madrid and I’m a nutritionist. I started drinking tea jusy a few years ago and started to love it as well. Don’t actually have a favourite one but I love the way it make me feel, I associate it with relax, feeling warm at home and good moments. Would like to share what I think about tea and learn from you which are the best to try ?✌?

  • #2975
    Tea Lover

    Hey All!! I’m a tea lover from the UK

  • #2976
    Tea Lover

    Hi Everyone! ?

    My name is Laura and I’m from Poland.

    I love to tea and books.

    My favorite tea is earl grey with bergamot.

    If someone wants to see me closer, come to my Instagram: Books_and_love

    Soon I will add more of tea photos.

    Regards, Laura

  • #2977
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Tiffany. I’m from Vietnam, currently studying in PA, US. I love Oolong tea, and bubble tea 🙂 I also like food, too! Please follow me on instagram @foodquest_ where you can read reviews of different restaurants and tea places in the UK, US, and Vietnam!

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  • #3001
     Laetitia Esasi 
    Tea Lover

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Laetitia, I’m an International Student from The Congo and currently studying and  living in The US. To be honest I haven’t been drinking tea for a long time. I Usually get coffee but for the past year I was introduced to bubble tea and I loved it. Also My favorite tea is Jasmine Green tea. I’m so glad that I get to meet and read all of your comments. I’m on Instagram under: @laetitiaesasi

    Best regards,



  • #3002
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone 🙂 My name is Sebnem. I’m a travel and lifestyle blogger who is also writing for a newspaper&magazine. I’m a huge tea lover and a dessert addict. Especially high teas are my favorites.

    Nice to meet you all and if you want to know more about me just check my Instagram account or my blog 😉




  • #3003
    Tea Lover

    Hello all,

    My name is Meg. I’m from Kansas. Please, please no Kansas jokes though. Anyway I’ve been drinking tea for a few years now. My favorite has to be English Breakfast. Nice to meet you all.


  • #3004
    Tea Lover

    Hey everyone,

    Steven here from the UK. I drink tea (if you couldn’t guess) addiction atm is flower infused green tea.

    My instagram @steven___cassidy with all my latest travel info and ov course bizarre tea … coming soon too a screen near you.

  • #3005
    Tea Lover

    Hihi, this is Mabel from Singapore. I love tea from TWG, which is a local brand. Some of my favourites from them include SilverMoon which is a green tea blend, White House tea, Camomile and Earl Grey. Nice to be interacting in this community. 🙂

  • #3012
    Tea Lover

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello everyone !</p>
    I’m Mélodie, I’m from France !

    I’m glad to be part of this tea lover community and can’t wait to talk and share with you all !

    I personnaly love peppermint tea !

  • #3014
    Tea Lover

    Hello Everyone … Hello all you tea lovers pit there!

    My name is Sara,I am from Lebanon and I am for sure a tea lover!

    I am happy to be part of this community to share, comment and post favourite tea!

    Personally I have many favourite tea flavors or types, from ginger with honey, green tea with lemon, mint tea, earl grey English breakfast, lady grey with orange tea, and for sure the Lebanese Tea mixture…

    This is my instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/saradunya

    Do follow me!

  • #3034
     nesrine and Hadjer 
    Tea Lover

    Hello , this is Two  ambitious Ladies with you Nesrine and Hadjer a lifestyle bloggers From Algeria we are so happy to be here with you <3 we love tea so much

  • #3036
    Tea Lover

    Hi, I’m Justyna and I live in Poland. I love to drink tea and I have also infected my children with the love for drinking.

  • #3041
    Tea Lover

    Hi , im Catherine im a Yoga Teacher and i live in Australia, i absolutely loooove my teas and so do my kids.  Happy to be meeting beautiful people and thanks for having me.  My instagram is happy_yogi_cat3910 follow me.

  • #3043
     Kieu Tran 
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone!!

    my name is Kieu and I live in Southern California. I’m a neurosurgery resident who loves to eat and cook, but mostly eat. And of course drinking Tea. I ablsolutely love milk tea and Southern California has an abundance of it so I’m in love! Happy to meet everyone!


    My my Instagram account is @foodie.with.a.scalpel if you want some food or tea inspo! Happy tea drinking everyone! 🙂

  • #3044
     Bonny Chow 
    Tea Lover

    Hi all!
    Lovely to meet you 🙂

    My name is Bonny and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’m an Integrative Dietitian who endorses therapeutic teas and loves a good cuppa whenever I can! My favourite teas include organic green tea, English breakfast with milk, Earl Grey with milk, Oolong tea, Green tea with Jasmine, peppermint, lemon and ginger, Pu’er tea and can’t forget loose leaf chai frothed in soy milk (we’re spoiled for choice here in Melbourne)!

    My Instagram account is @bonnychow_dietitian, where I share nutritional facts about food and health. Feel free to add me on Facebook aswell 🙂 Tea lovers unite!

  • #3045
    Tea Lover

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Preety and I’m from Ann Arbor, MI! I’m currently a 1st year medical student, in paradise, constantly on the grind and indulging in various forms of caffeine to keep myself up to speed with life, haha.  My favorite teas include Matcha, Chamomille, Passion, and Chai. I come from an Indian background so I’ve started drinking Chai at a very young age to enjoy sweets with. About 10 years ago I learned about Matcha and the benefits over coffee and that has been my go-to morning indulgence. I’ve learned various ways to integrate natural flavors into Tea’s to make them even tastier (courtesy of my Dad). I’m ecstatic to join this wonderful community! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @foodiewithscrubs!

    Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead 🙂

  • #3048
    Tea Lover


    My name is Natalia, I am from Spain! I am a teacher and model. And the most important  LOVE TEA! I can’t imagine a world without TEA.

    Is a pleasure stay in!


  • #3052
    Tea Lover

    Hello fellow tealovers!

    My name is Shannon, I am from Toronto, Canada!  I am an interior designer and globetrotter.  I am currently 9 months pregnant and have been missing some of my most favourite teas these past few months.  However, I have had the opportunity to explore some pretty interesting Rooibos teas and fruit teas! My favourite tea right now is a “Lychee” tea called “The Concubine’s Tea” which I stumbled across in Xian, China.  The tea was created for the Emperor to serve one of Xian’s most famous Concubines as she had a love for lychee fruits.  Lychees do not grow in the winter, so the Emperor had the lychee tea made in the south of China for her so that she could enjoy it all winter long. 🙂

  • #3104
    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone

    My name is Handy and i’m from Indonesia. Now i’m recently a writer and a blogger.

    About tea, sure tea is a favorite drink because it has a good effect for your body. Because i’m always drink Indonesia tea when eating with food, another kind of tea that i like is matcha tea and houjicha tea from Japan, and also Thai Tea both original and green tea..

    you can follow my Instagram in @bufferdotcom for my food and travel photography and @handygoey for personal account.

    thank you and have a nice day.

  • #3161
    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone!

    I’m Aysh & I’m a nail artist & beauty, fashion, lifestyle blogger from the UK! I work in Clinical Pharma during the day & blog about the above topics in my spare time.

    One of my FAVOURITE past times is going for Afternoon Tea which I also write reviews for on my blog so if you are looking for any recommendations then do go have a perusal of some of my top favourites on there!

    When it comes to favourite teas I’m a traditional gal and love a pot of good ol English Breakfast!

    Do come say hi over on my Insta (@aysh_xox) Twitter (@aysh_xox) and blog (http://trulymadlybeauty.blogspot.ie/)

  • #3164
     Giuseppe P 
    Tea Lover

    Hey everyone,


    I’m Giuseppe and I’m Italian but currently living in the UK.
    Rules say I should be Coffee addicted but… wait a minute… I hate it. Yes, I’m Italian but I hate coffee… and I love tea, since ever.

    Warm or ice tea that is fine. 🙂

    Nice to meet (reed) you all and have a good day.



  • #3167
     Nikita Panchal 
    Tea Lover

    Hey everyone,


    I am Nikita Panchal and i am from Mumbai, India. I am big time fan of Masala Tea and Green Tea. I love experimenting with a variety of tea flavors as well. Glad to be a part of this community.

    I am a restaurant reviewer and have a passion for travel. Catch me up on my instagram at http://www.instagram.com/nikitapanchal12 for food and travel dose. Would love to have a chat and share the experiences.

    Look forward to have a great time here.

  • #3168
    Tea Lover

    Hello !

    I’m Nihed and I am a tea lover!! I am from Algeria ,  I am so happy to join this community and look forward to sharing tea tips and learning from you all.


  • #3191
     Callum anderson 
    Tea Lover

    Hello, I’m Callum from North east of England, I hope you are all well, my favourite tea is good old English breakfast tea.

  • #3211
    Tea Lover

    Hello! I’m Chitra from South America. I am obsessed with tea, teacups and teapots and I enjoy sketching and painting them. My favourite tea is chamomile.

    I am looking forward to sharing and learning lots about tea. I’m a proud tea lover. Please feel free to see my sketches over on instagram @chitra.artist

  • #3215
    Tea Lover

    hello! I’m Chiara from Italy and I can’t start my day without a big cup of tea

  • #3219
     Giusi Ruggeri 
    Tea Lover


    I’m Giusi and I come from Italy! I live in Sicily, near the beaitiful Taormina ?. I love tea, especially in the cold winter afternoons. I’d like to share with you this passion

  • #3220
    Tea Lover


    I‘m Nursena 21 years old, from Germany and so excited to be here! Having a turkish background tea has always been part of my culture, so my interest for it evolved pretty early. My favorite tea which i start my day with is green tea! It‘s been like a ritual ever since i started reading about the health benefits of green tea 5 years ago. I tend to switch it up in summer for a refreshing cold brew or a ginger lemon brew in autumn. Excited to get to know you all! 🙂

  • #3224
    Tea Lover


    I am KAROLINA. ( Instagram : carllisse ) I am from Poland – Wrocław . I love tea and coffe. I love green tea and when I drink it I feel I gave more energy and motivation ! Of coyrse all frozen tea in hot days !

    BEST REGARDS !!! :* :*


  • #3234
    Tea Lover

    Dear Tealovers,

    I‘m Anthea from foodiliciouse.ch on Instagram. I‘m from Basel, Switzerland! So excited to be here and to share and connect with you? Everybody around me is drinking coffee except me. I love to drink tea. There is nothing better to start a day with a good tea. It cleans my head for the whole day. My favorite tea is Jasmin Pearl.


    Anthea from foodiliciouse.ch

  • #3235
    Tea Lover

    Hello dear Tealovers,

    My name is Sanja and I’m from Croatia. I love to drink yellow tea.


  • #3240
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone, I’m Cécile from France and I can assure you, I’m not leaving my place without my tea mug ! I have at least 20 different types of tea at home but my favorite is most certainly Rooibos.

    I have found a great place in Marseille called “Teavora” and every tea lover must pay a visit !

  • #3241
    Tea Lover

    Hello to everyone, İ am Pınar, İ am Female bodybuilder. İ love drink tea, the special one is for me green tea.

  • #3242
     Diana Roys 
    Tea Lover


    My Name is Diana from Colombia. I’m also a tea lover. My favorites are all kind of fruit tea.

    I also like to do handmade items and 3D computer graphics.  You can find me Instagram as @n.a.t.u.r.y.u

  • #3248
    Tea Lover


    My name is Inka and I am from Poland. I love green tea, and yerba mate.

    I am also a tourist guide, dance instructor and nail artist 🙂

    You can find me on instagram @InkaInk_

  • #3252
    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone i am Jessica from Germany?

    I Love Tea to everytime a day ans am totaly in to my Detoxing Tea from Herbalife ?

    If i am Not Drinking that One i Love peppermint

    Sand a Good cup of english Tea ?


  • #3262
    Tea Lover

    Hey Guys!


    I am Nina located in Australia! Love my herbal teas! My Favourite tea to drink at the moment is Green Tea! 🙂

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  • #3265
    Tea Lover

    Hello Tea Lovers!

    I’m Frances from Tokyo, I love tea! I’ve been obsessed with Hojicha-milk tea. As I run a tiny sandwich bar in Daikanyama, I hope to meet all you tea lovers around the world! 🙂

  • #3270
     Dining con Danielle 
    Tea Lover

    Hello fellow Tea Lovers!

    I am Danielle (I run the @DiningConDanielle Food/Drink Blog on Instagram- follow me please!!) and I live in Chicago.  I first started drinking tea during college as a way to get caffeine, since I don’t like coffee or soda, but now I am obsessed and have 2+ cups of tea every day!  My favorite types of tea are black and green teas with fun fruity or dessert flavors (a healthier way to satisfy my cravings for sweets!).


    Tea is my go-to drink for comfort, energy, or just something tasty.  I have a “tea cart” (a bar cart that I use for tea!) at my apartment and a “tea drawer” in my office, which shows my true passion for tea!  I am always looking for new flavors of teas to try!  I would love any recommendations!

  • #3275
    Tea Lover

    Hello fellow Tea Peeps!  I’m excited to check out the site & community!

    My name is Melissa, I’m live in Portland OR, originally from Michigan.  You can find me on Instagram – @gypsiechai, where I generally post about adventures in life, wandering, books, wine, Harry Potter, & of course TEA. 🙂

    I like almost every tea I’ve ever tried (only exception that comes to mind was a licorice tea I tried once, but I have a strong aversion to black licorice so it was doomed from the start), hot or cold, with honey & sometimes lemon; but my favorite is Black Tea, specifically a blend called Paris from Harney & Sons.

  • #3276
    Tea Lover

    Hello, Tea Lovers! ? I am 25 years old and I live in France! ??

    I have been drinking tea for a long time because I do not like the taste of coffee and I am lactose intolerant ?

    I really enjoy the teas of autumn and winter flavors


    Good Day the Tea Lovers

  • #3277
     Bayu Eka Buwana 
    Tea Lover

    Hi Tea Lovers… I am Bayu, photographer (miniature photography : instagram @bayuekabuwana), you can follow me and I live in Indonesia.

    I like ice tea, I can enjoy and very inspired…

    Have a good day Tea Lovers…

  • #3278
    Tea Lover

    Hello, is it tea you’re looking foooorr….

    I’m Ven, living in London and loving tea. A lot. Especially berry teas, green teas and occasionally obsessing over other types as well. My idea of heaven is pretty much Mad Hatter’s teaparty 🙂

    Nice to meet you all x


  • #3279
    Tea Lover

    Hello everyone ! I’m Agnieszka from Poland but Im lliving in Scotland. My favorite tea is Ginger black tea and raspberry green tea 🙂 I love to drink tea every day. With ginger for cold evenings and with raspberries for relax.

    I like trying new teas and adding reviews on my blog 😉 http://www.agadamo.com

  • #3285
     Carnet épicurien 
    Tea Lover

    Hello les tealovers ! ☕

    Je suis une jeune frenchy ?? qui adore le thé, j’en bois des tasses et des tasses! Je suis plutôt thé fruité, et vous? ?

    Je vis sur la côte d’Azur et j’adore me balader, prendre des photos et profiter de la vie !



  • #3287
    Tea Lover

    ✨Hello Tea Lovers!!! My name is Loreto and I am from Chile ?? nice to meet you all.?


    I am a huge Tea Lover, I have been drinking tea tea since I was a little girl, cause is a “family tradition” and my favourite tea at this moment is Coconut White Tea ?. I love green and black tea, but all depends on the situation and moment I am drinking it the one I choose.✨

    I love cooking sweet thing @dolce.biscotti



  • #3289
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Gabriela and im from Romania. I used to drink tea when I was little, grandpa prepared it for me every morning. When I grew up I didn’t enjoy it as much and only drank it when I had a cold but after some time I started to try new aromas and it’s amazing how many are out there. I enjoy green tea, black tea, fruit fea and for a year now I’m obsessed with chai tea latte. This is my short story about my love for tea.




  • #3295
     Dana Sellers 
    Tea Lover



    My name is Dana, and I currently live in Washington D.C. and work for the US Government. I am a huge tea fan, especially after significantly decreasing my coffee intake for health reasons. To show my dedication, I even have a tea cup tattoo (It is cooler than it sounds). I’m excited to learn more about tea here and different ways to make it and enjoy it. I am currently a huge fan of matcha and make matcha lattes on the daily.

  • #3296
     Mirror Mirror Skin Lab 
    Tea Lover

    Hello Tea Lovers!  Mirror Mirror Skin Lab here fellow tea lover and world traveler.  I mainly love different tea benefits for skin health

  • #3306
     Hima Saimi 
    Tea Lover

    Hi tea lovers,

    I am Mirkka from Helsinki, Finland. I think I have drink tea whole my life and my favorite is Chai Latte with oat milk. Usually I drink green tea.

  • #3316
    Tea Lover

    Hi guys!

    I’m Gaia and I’m a tea lover too.

    I’m from Southern Italy.

    Often in the afternoon I like to spend some time with myself with a nice cup of tea, but sometimes I like to drink tea for breakfast too. For some time I would like to deepen the history of this beautiful daily practice spread all over the world.

    I can’t wait to learn new things from you all. I think the kind of tea I prefer is Earl Grey tea, but I don’t know many kins.

    I’m going to finish my cup of tea. Bye!

  • #3317
    Tea Lover

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Gage

    I’m from New Brunswick, Canada

    I’m a fashion blogger, Youtuber and student, I’m obsessed with Green tea! it’s something I cannot normally function without as it’s the first one I go to whenever I go into my little tea stash at home. Other than that I tend to gravitate to fruity flavours or something that has a little sweeter taste to it.

    Feel free to check out my Instagram @gageperley!


  • #3346
     Carmen Jara 
    Tea Lover


    My name is Carmen Jara

    I´m from Teruel, a small but lovely city in Spain.

    I am an English Primary Teacher and a GlutenFree blogger. Since I was leaving in Ireland for two years with a family, I drink tea almost every day. My fav. ones are English tea, Green tea with lemon and Roibos.

    When I am not feeling well, I like tea with ginger or mint.

    You can visit my Instagram: @carmen_esglutenfree

  • #3347
    Tea Lover

    Hey, I love Tea. I am an artist and sipping on a beverage brings much enjoyment! My husband buys nice teas from a grocer and many have been foreign to me before. Tea is funny cause it has such subtle flavors but we make big raves. My favorite is Earl Grey so far but I also like Herb teas. I will have to do more reashearch about the type. Cool community and look forward to expanding my tea horizon.

  • #3359
    Tea Lover

    Hi Tea Lovers. My name is Madi and I am a tea lover. I’ve been drinking it all my life. I like to share my tea moments as well as other food moments on my Instagram @Coastal_Foodie.

  • #3412
    Tea Lover

    Hi everybody! I’m Christina from Spain, it is very interesting this page about tea. I am a nutrionist worrying about healthy food and life of people. I have instagram where I upload typical dishes and beverages from different restaurants in Valencia (crfood_ie) and I would like to learn more about tea and its benefits. Nice to meet you all and I hope to share and read everything in the tea world.

  • #3413
    Tea Lover

    Hi Everyone! My name is Agnieszka and I’m from Poland. I am so happy to join to you. I’ m a tea lover ? I love green and white tea ?

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 7 months ago by  Marcia_96.
  • #3420
    Tea Lover

    Hi! My name is Ula and I’m from Poland. I love lemon tea and green tea.

  • #3456
     priyanka nayak 
    Tea Lover

    hello, you guys can check out this also https://priyanka-nayak.blogspot.in/2018/04/10-delights-for-tea-lovers-from-tea.html

  • #3550
    Tea Lover

    Hi guys, I am Halokittyass from Hong Kong. I love all kind of tea, and earl gray is my favourite! 🙂

  • #3594
     Muscari Lane 
    Tea Lover


    I am a tea lover from the Himalayas. In my hometown, which receives the third highest rainfall in the country, a special type of tea is grown and processed. The leaves are partially baked hence the color of the tea in water is comparatively lighter. Nevertheless it is very flavorful and is rich in antioxidants. Since it is made in tepid water instead of boiling water, the flavors are gently extracted and the fact that  it is grown in a weather which is moist for almost 5 months, it has a distinct taste.


    Reach out out to me to know more .

  • #3598
    Tea Lover

    Hi everybody ! ?


    I’m Marilyn and I am from south of France. ?

    I’m really excited to share with you all the little pleasure of tea ! 

    I like all type of tea but I lOve green et white tea ! ?

    I drink tea since I’m 10 years old and I turn 24 this year soooo for a long time now. But I really enjoy it and learn how to drink it for 6 years ! 

    Have a a nice sunny day guys.

    See you ?

  • #3769
    Tea Lover

    We all know that green tea is great for the body, right? Well…


    Have you ever heard of “red” tea? No? You need to have a look at this story…

    Are you ready for a FOREVER change? Do you want to learn to love yourself more than you ever imagined? Do want increased energy and optimism? If your answer is, “yes!” Today, I’ve got a delicious red tea found deep in the heart of Africa and an unforgettable story of how it helped melt 41 pounds of body fat from one lucky woman…

  • #3770
    Tea Lover

    Hi all, I’ve joined this forum to share my experiences with fellow tea lovers and stay up to date with everything that’s happening in TeaLand.


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