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     Emiko D 
    Tea Lover

    Hi everyone,

    Sarah contacted me through instagram.

    My name is Emiko, hair and make-up artist (used to practice aromatherapy) living in Sydney.

    my instagram is @japanese_mua_sydney   : )

    I love green tea.. no surprise ^^ , mugi (barley) tea (this is very popular summer tea(cold drink) in Japan and rooibos tea!

    Those tea has high in antioxidant and many many health benefit as you all probably know.

    Some primary school in Japan offers kids Green tea through the tap, so that kids can drink and gargle – repot says the kids from this school don’t catch a cold, flu etc.. because of this practice:  greentea’s antibacterial, antioxidant, flavonoid etc..help prevent kids catch a cold… we believe that! haha

    Japanese kids get education about food and drink benefits since primary school age. I knew soft drink contained a several spoon of sugar that age, so that I chose drink green tea or mugi(barley) tea instead.

    Barley tea has no caffeine and full of minerals, every household in Japan make cold drink in Sumer.

    There are lots story about other teas as well!

    But bye for now, hope above story helped to inspire some people here.






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    Tea Lover

    Hi Emiko, I really enjoyed learning about Japanese tea culture! Thanks for sharing, and I welcome other stories too! 🙂

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     Emiko D 
    Tea Lover

    Hi Annie, thanks for your response.  🙂  🙂

    Hope to share more stories here! nice to meet you!



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     Club Delle Bellezze 
    Tea Lover

    <span title=””>Hello guys,</span><span title=””>I’m Arianna and I come from Italy.</span> <span title=””>I’m a tea lover.</span> <span title=””>You always drink it in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening before going to bed.</span> <span title=””>I love relaxing teas but also draining ones.</span>

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