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     Heidi Zetz 
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    How do you best pair green tea with food? What food is the best to have with green tea?

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     Bob Dainko 
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    My wife says:

    Green tea has a refreshing, plant-based flavor that pairs beautifully with lightly seasoned meats and salads built with mild vegetables.

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      I’ll definitely remember this going forward

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     Jamie Wilhelm 
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    I agree with Bob and his wife. I love green tea at dinner with some meat and veggies 🙂

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     Alexa Hall 
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    Would love to learn more about this as well. Let me know (:

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    This is my first post and your forum seemed like a very good topic!

    In my personal experience, the best food to pair with green tea is something not as tart.

    Since the true green teas have a bitter taste, the last thing you should do is pair it with something just as sharp!

    My suggestions would be a slightly seasoned fish such as a hint of lemon pepper or herb (not overpowering), zucchini, and a sweet bread roll.

    The key is to offset the flavors in the meal, so you are not overrun with a strong taste.

    The opposite can be done with adding dairy free milk and sugar to the green tea (like matcha), then pair with a dark chocolate brownie.

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      Tea Master

      This is excellent insight! Thank you!

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