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    What a rough week…I need calm in my cup – Tea Trunk Lavender White tea is here to the rescue.

    Lavender is known for its calming effect. It is definitely a great tea for night time. Normally, I am immune to caffeine and I literally can drink any kind of tea before bed. I am expecting this blend be exceptional. This cute tin is blended with lavender buds, mint, orange peel and of course white tea. The mixtures make this blend so different from others.

    Lavender: floral aroma

    Mint: rejuvenating after taste

    Orange Peel: citrusy sweet

    White tea: soothing functionThe moment I opened the pack, whooshhh…the lavender smell was so strong. That definitely helps in relieving tension and fatigue. Every moment that I bring the mug closer, seems like a power is rebooting my nervous system. Love the calming scent.Every sip I took, the mint lingers to calming effect. The only surprise I had was…the orange peel should make the blend sweet but the white tea slightly dominates it to bitterness. Well, I am definitely not immune to this because I managed to sleep so well last night :)Recommended brew: 90°C for 5 minutes/ tea spoon

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