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    Tea Lover

    Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone!

    Isn’t it a great season to brew some Chinese tea… Well, this time, I’m going slightly adventurous.

    During my business trip in Hong Kong, a few of us explored Cheung Chau Island for half a day. We came to this Tin Tree Tea House. The spread of dried tangerines on the table captured my attention. And so, the local stuffed tea leaves into the whole mandarins. Apparently, the stuffed fruit was left to dry, so that the tea could absorb the citrus aroma.

    Now, how do we brew this fermented tea. The owner taught us to break the dried tangerine into pieces. One tangerine can be split into 3 pots. The brew must be with boiling water.

    First brew: The citrus twist is not extremely dominating. Pu-erh taste is very light. To be honest, the combination excites me.

    Second brew: The citrus fragrant is amplifying, sweet. Pu-erh taste kicks in more, smooth and earthy.

    And according to the owner again, health benefits include:

    1. reduce bad cholesterol
    2. helps in weight loss
    3. fight bad breath
    4. soothe throat
    5. help in sleeping better

    Well, Google does tell us similar findings on Pu-erh benefits. So, I very much believe what he said.

    In case, you wish to explore the tea shop yourself, here’s the address:

    Block B, G/F, 17 Pak She Praya Road, Cheung Chau

    I know some of my friends are allergic to citrus. One of my colleague had slight rashes after consuming. So, my advice is to ensure you are free from this risk before exploring.


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    Tea Master

    This is so amazing! Do you have any other awesome tips you can share? I learned a lot from this!

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      Tea Lover

      Hey! Glad that you find it informative. I will continue posting my tea findings soon. Stay tune 🙂

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      Tea Master

      Awesome! I look forward to it. Thank you so much!

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