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    Tea Master

    We want to hear about your first time drinking tea!

    • How old were you?
    • What kind did you try?
    • Did you like it the first time?
    • How did you end up trying it? Did a parent convince you? Did a friend let you try there’s?
    • And anything else you want to share
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    Tea Lover

    The first time I drank tea I was 16 years old.It was a menthol tea and tasted delicious! Very referescante. A friend told me that this tea was divine and that I had to try it.

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      Tea Master

      Sounds like an awesome experience! Thank you so much for sharing!

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     Sougo Kobayakawa 
    Tea Lover

    The first time for me to drink matcha was 2 years old, according to my mother told me.  Of course I don’t remember that, but I feel I was so lucky to born in Japan as a Japanese and as my parent’s son.
    According to my mother told me again, the first time for me to make matcha was 4 years old.  I neither don’t remember that, but I still making matcha even I always seek the truth of tea.
    I love matcha so much!!

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      Tea Master

      Wow you started young! Thanks for sharing!

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     Cathy Bradford 
    Tea Lover

    Gosh, cannot remember my age, but my Mom used to drink both coffee and tea, and yes she was one that put milk in hers, I was hooked every since.  I drink both hot and cold tea.

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      Tea Master

      Awesome to hear and thanks for sharing!

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    Tea Lover


    • I started drinking when I was almost 20 year old. I started with a darjeeling, and I love it. I started reading and watching tv programs about the 5 o clock service, and was amazed.
      I read a lot about tea, ’til I found a place where I studied Tea Tester level 1 and Chinese Tea Ceremony, I also read and learn about japanese tea, indian tea.
    • Any kind of tea!

    Thank you!!


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      Tea Master

      Wow you seem extremely knowledgeable in tea!

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    Tea Lover

    As a very young child, my grandma bought me a tiny porcelain tea set.   We would drink tea with milk.   Having an English background, tea was very much a part of our family ritual.  My dad drank green tea before it was trendy and we always drank tea on rainy days & most Sunday’s.  I keep a large selection of traditional teas, special blend teas & herbal teas & drink it daily.

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    Tea Lover

    I can’t really remember the very first time that I drank tea but I absolutely fell in love with it in the late 50s when I purchased a big sampler of teas in little metal tins from John Wagner and Sons. I’ve been addicted ever since and will turn 89 this May.

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     Crafty Fox 
    Tea Lover

    I don’t really remember the very first time I drank tea. However my Father would have a small pot of tea (enough for a cup) with his breakfast and lunch.  As I saw him drink tea with milk and sugar, that is how I started having my tea. Over time though my tastes have changed.

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     Alexa L. 
    Tea Lover

    For our family it was a breakfast habit to have some kind of tea, so my mum made some every morning since I was… hmm… I think about 6. Being a child I had sugar in mine, but I came to love drinking it without sugar. The first tea I had was a blend that a friend of my mom’s had brought with her from Asia. I remember the flavor quite vividly because it had hues of wild berries in it and was slightly sour but also sweet.

    Since we changed teas quite often I got to taste a few but now my taste lies with my trusty Moroccan Mint tea blend that I buy at a tea lounge. They also give you instructions on preparing it and since it is somewhat of a traditional Japanese tea house, they also offer tea ceremonies. It is always a pleasure to take part in those!

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    Tea Lover

    My grandmother is from England & so I spent pretty much my whole life drinking tea. I had to have been maybe 3 or 4 years old the first time I drank tea. Most likely it was probably English Breakfast Tea. (My Favorite)

    Before marrying me, my husband had maybe ever had tea once in his life. (other than sweet tea, we live in the south y’all!) Now… he drinks tea nearly every day!

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     Lauren Shroll 
    Tea Lover



    The first time that I ever had tea was probably around the holidays when I was around 7 or 8 years old when I got a little china tea set from my grandparents. I was using water in the tea set, but I decided that I would try tea, especially since my mom didn’t really want my sister and I to drink coffee yet.

    I ended up trying Celestial Seasonings as a first-time tea. I really got quite attached to Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and gingerbread tea, as well as English Breakfast tea.

    I think I was convinced it would be sweeter, so I was partly disappointed at first. I grew to love it by adding milk and honey to it, though now I feel my palate has changed so much and I quickly grew to like it better just having it plain.

    More than a decade later, I still love Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride from Celestial Seasonings. Now I add roobois, matcha, and all kinds of chai, to that list. I find that even with consuming as much coffee as I do, my journey and experimentation with tea makes me love a good chai latte more than an espresso or macchiato from Starbucks.


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    Tea Lover

    When I first tried tea I was around 5yrs old having breakfast with my god mother at her house. She would make me breakfast with eggs, toast with butter, and tea with lemon. If I recall the brand was Lipton. Nothing fancy in the tea world but as a little girl I thought I was fancy drinking tea out of a porcelain tea cup for breakfast. After that I remember drinking plenty of sweet tea being from Texas. I was introduced to chai by a friend from India in my late teens and I habe been exploring teas ever since. I have even learned how to make my own homemade chai.

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     Margaret Eunbee Jo 
    Tea Lover

    It was ten years ago. I was in England for learning language. My home stay family loved drinking tea. So I naturally learned it. They drink English Breakfast Everyday at designated time. It was quite regular. Even they poured milk in it. It was kind of culture shock, because we hadn’t had culture drinking black tea until that time. (I am Korean, South, and now black teas are quite famous in my country too, there are hundreds of people who are enjoying it, but not that old days) Black tea added milk was  a bit strange taste for me, however, I just fell in love with that taste later. Now I back to my country, and I pour milk sometimes if I miss that old times in England. Also, I found out bunch of tea brands and enjoy them.

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    Tea Lover

    The first time I had a cup of tea I was with a couple of friends about eight years ago, as one of them had invited us to his house for “an afternoon tea”. At first I was a little reluctant because I’ve never been an avid consumer of tea, but after the first sip of that tea rose essence, then accompanied by homemade muffins, I became a lover of tea .. I find it very relaxing

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     Michelle Kolb 
    Tea Lover

    Not sure how old I was (maybe late 30’s) however I will never forget my first tea. I was invited to a Victorian Christmas tea party at a tea shop. The best experience ever! You could choose your teacup and saucer, a fancy tea hat they supplied to wear during the event, and an ambiance that was just beautiful! I enjoyed an apple spice tea. I was hooked!!! I enjoyed everything from the fancy tea sandwiches to the delicate pastries. I even had caviar for the first time! Enjoyed hours of great conversation and laughter. Every since that first experience, I have tried numerous tea events along with my family. I am a loose leaf tea lover for life. My favorite blend is Apricot Brandy until the next adventure comes along and I find a new tea to love!

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     priyanka nayak 
    Tea Lover

    I don’t remember the age but i was at my grandmother’s place for summer holiday when i sipped my first tea with her only. I was in fourth or fifth standard. Check out these quotes by me for all tea lovers – https://priyanka-nayak.blogspot.in/2018/04/10-delights-for-tea-lovers-from-tea.html

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    Tea Lover

    I can’t really remember the very first time that I drank tea. But i know that i used to drank with my father and grand father in my home town when i was a kid. And know i often drink matcha tea more than green tea leaves like trà matcha

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