How to Make Bubble Tea

 May 24 2018  How To
how to make bubble tea

How to Make Bubble Tea

Making bubble tea is an easy recipe that anyone can do at home. If your family and friends love bubble tea, it might be fun to try making it with them.

Step 1: Prepare the tapioca pearls – the first step in making bubble tea is preparing the tapioca pearls or ‘boba’ that you will be adding to your tea concoction. ‘Boba’ pearls can be found in any Asian grocery store or you can order it online. Soak it for a few hours. After soaking, boil some water, add your pearls then stir it to prevent it from sticking together. Let it cook for 30 minutes (occasionally stirring it is a must to prevent it from sticking together). Drain the water and add some honey to sweeten it.

Tip: Another way of sweetening your pearls is by adding sugar to your boiling water when you cook your pearls for 30 minutes. This way, adding honey afterward is no longer necessary. Your tapioca will be good for 4 days if you refrigerate it.

Step 2: Prepare the bubble tea – initially, bubble tea is made of black tea but in the absence of black tea, other bases can be used such as green tea, yerba mate or coffee.

Step 3: Prepare your cream, sugar syrup and your shaker – for your sugar syrup, you can follow the following steps (although you can find ready-to-use sugar syrups in groceries)

·       Boil a cup of water in a saucepan

·       Add two tablespoons of sugar and bring it to boil

·       Stir occasionally until the sugar crystal is fully dissolved

·       Check the taste, feel free to add more sugar if you want it sweeter or add more water if you find it too sweet

·       Remove from pan to cool it down

Step 4: Mix ¾ cup of tea, 1 tablespoon of sugar syrup and 2 tablespoons of cream in your shaker. Shake it well.

Step 5: Add ice cubes to your shaker, shake it well.

Step 6: Now add your tapioca. Recommended servings is 3-4 tablespoons but if you love tapioca, you can have more.

Your bubble tea is now ready to be served. You can increase the servings if you are going to prepare for a large number of people.

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