Simple ways to store your tea

If you are a tea-holic, I’m pretty sure you have encountered the problem of how to keep it fresh and aromatic. In case you are looking to get back that fall time beverage cozy and steamy, the following storage ideas will help you savor that morning jolt with much ease.

Tea requires some hands-on approach when it comes to storage just like coffee. When stored incorrectly, these little pieces of heaven lose their sensation quickly and ruin the pleasure of grabbing a hot mug. Listed are a couple of ways to extend its freshness and flavor

Always keep it dry

A moist environment is a recipe for disaster when it comes to tea leaves. When tea leaves are exposed to humid conditions, they become vulnerable to the growth of molds.as a matter of fact dried tea leaves that have less exposure to moisture do have a longer shelf life.it is advisable to keep the tea leaves off these condition until you are ready to brew.

Despite the fact that humidity is a disaster when it comes to tea leaves neither is heated too. Direct exposure to sunlight gets to damage the tea. Heat degrades the quality of the tea ruining both the aroma and flavor.

This result also increases the chances of the moisture intake in your tea; therefore it is advisable to store your tea leaves away from heat sources.

Away from odors

When storing tea, be sure to stash them away from areas vulnerable to strong scents. For example, the jasmine pearl green tea has a more significant affinity to absorb any form of fragrance, since jasmine infuses with any smell quite effortlessly.

This tendency for high absorption implies you should store the tea away from areas with a strong odor; this may include regions near trash cans or the same cabinet with spices that contain strong fragrances. Tea is hygroscopic this implies that it readily absorbs smells and moisture from the atmosphere. For this reason, if not stored carefully that unique blend taste will not remain at its finest.

Refrigerator storage

Though the packaging instructions advocate for a cool place, the refrigerator is not one of the places you’d prefer to store your tea. The fridge usually is too moist, and retrieval means a change in temperature which may degrade both quality and flavor. An alternative solution would probably be to create a separate rack for your tea collection.

Having a different tray would be a perfect solution more so if you make your purchases in smaller quantities you’ll end up using them when the flavors are at their maximum.


Storing the dried leaves in an environment void of air and moisture will help to maintain its aroma and rich flavor. When air flows through your tea leaves it increases the chances of the tea absorbing moisture and odors from the air.

It is advisable not to package the tea leaves with excess air or to store in a porous material. For this reason, zipper packages or containers are not recommended. Get a container that opens and closes with much ease.

Store in dark places

It is not advisable to use glass jars or any clear jar for storing tea leaves as both sunlight and UV rays will affect the quality of your tea. If you insist on using a glass jar make sure it is stashed in an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Light has also been noted to have a bleaching effect on the tea making both the aroma and the flavor nonexistent.

Getting a spot that has no direct exposure to sunlight should be a priority. Light is a potent reducing agent when it comes to tea this element can turn tea into pathetic tasting compounds or indissoluble matters?

Organize your assortment

In case you store your tea well they will last for a longer time. Various types of tea have different shelf lives; for example, black tea can last over a two year period while green teas have a shorter shelf life of about six months.

It is essential to label the storage containers with the date of purchase info as this will help you know the purchase dates and the various types in each container.

Moreover, it is advisable to consume the products within a year when their aroma and health benefits are still at its peak.

Drink your tea

This habit applies mostly to green tea and green oolongs if you get lucky to stumble upon them within a month or two of picking it is advisable you consume them.

Avoid the “save for the right occasion” mentality when it comes to green tea as their leaves have a relatively short shelf life. If you are lucky and get fresh green tea seize the moment, don’t let it go stale.

Organizing and ensuring proper storage for your favorite tea has a lot more at stake than you might think. The correct procedure will help your herbs last longer and preserve an excellent aroma and taste.

Learning the best practices when storing tea is what creates the difference between long-lasting beverages and the variety that goes stale and has a funny taste.

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