Which Tea Suits Me The Best?

 Jan 30 2018  Tea Fun
Which Tea Suits Me The Best?

The first contact with tea is always the best. You feel a hot and soothing sensation all over your body. But the truly enjoyable part comes when you get to the realization that there is a seemingly infinite number of teas all waiting for you to try them. When your taste is a little bit more refined, you start looking for the right one for your taste buds.

However, due to the immense health benefits of tea, you may be looking for the best one for your health problems. This may lead to a conundrum as it isn’t always clearly stated what’s the tea good for. Of course, this is when you buy it in stores. That’s why we’ve decided to shed some light on the different properties of different teas and why are they good for you. If a sort on our list matches your problems, we recommend you to try it for an extended time period to see what’s up. Let’s take a look.

1. Green tea

First off, let’s start with the classic choice amongst the plethora of teas in existence. Out of all the herbal beverages science and medicine know, not one drink does contain as many antioxidants as green tea does. It’s the best form of added cancer therapy, alongside additional medication. Many studies have confirmed that drinking green tea stuns the growth of bladder, lung, stomach and rectal cancers.

Moreover, these antioxidants work to improve the mental aspect of your being. Because of this, drinking green tea can be an excellent investment for the future by all means. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and slows down the onset of dementia. Green tea is thus deemed as a very versatile health aid.

2. Black tea

Aside from dealing with numerous health problems, our teas can be great everyday helpers and trusted friends. Such is the example of black tea. Its fermented leaves contain an incredible amount of caffeine. If you are often working and need to stay up late, start sipping on black tea. It’s a tastier and smoother alternative to coffee. Also, it doesn’t contain any calories nor sugar, unlike energy drinks.

Some studies have confirmed that black tea has a unique ability to repair lungs. Our alveoli often suffer damage from cigarette smoke and aerial pollution. Black tea has the ability to repair the damage and reversing any ongoing oxidative stress. Choosing it would be a big plus for your respiratory tract.

3. White tea

White tea is the general name for all unprocessed leaves that haven’t gone through the fermentation process. They are oftentimes made out of plants who generally don’t have bright green nor dark green leaves. Because of this lack of fermentation, they have the most powerful anti-cancer properties. One Harvard study, in particular, supports the notion of using white tea as an appetite riser.

Moreover, white tea can also be used if you have a hard time eating when you have to. One glass in between meals for a couple of days can do quite some magic. It’s a proven way to both treat cancer and provides your esophagus with a proverbial “black hole”.

4. Oolong tea

Cholesterol is one of humanity’s biggest problems. LDL, the bad kind, is particularly detrimental to our health. It is the reason why many people die from heart attacks, artery clogs or heart attacks every year. It literally clogs the veins and arteries, preventing the blood from flowing and providing the rest of your body’s cells with sufficient oxygen. In order to combat LDL, buy a box of oolong tea.

It contains a special kind of antioxidant; the ones that actually help the body clean itself from excess cholesterol. Moreover, it can also be used as a means of losing extra fat tissue. It doesn’t accelerate the metabolism that much, but you can count on oolong tea to be a good aid before and after a jogging session.

5. Pu-erh tea

This tea is unique because it comes from a mix of both fermented and aged leaves, giving us a unique herbal experience. Both types of leaves have different properties. The most important ability of pu-erh tea is the metabolism slowing process. Most teas merely aid your body in burning excess calories during workouts. Pu-erh tea does things a little bit differently.

It accelerates your body metabolism in a way that you use energy faster. You won’t store excess carbs as fat tissue so much, but you’ll be able to have even more energy because of them. Also, pu-erh tea is great for overweight people, as it reduces cholesterol.

6. Matcha tea

Although this Japanese tea is considered a green tea, it’s much different than your regular, store-bought green tea. Matcha tea is incredibly high in theanine and caffeine. Although caffeine is naturally a stimulant, in combination with theanine it calms the mind and body.

If you’re suffering from stress-related issues, try Matcha tea on for size. It can be the missing vent to help you calm down and reach the serenity levels you very much deserve. Find your inner peace.

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