Things That Will Bother Tea Drinkers

 Feb 21 2018  Tea Fun
Things That Will Bother Tea Drinkers

16 Things that Will Only Bother Serious Tea Drinkers

For serious tea drinkers, tea is a way of life, not just a drink. So when people don’t seem to understand tea, it irks us tea drinkers. So put on the kettle to get that soothing cup of tea in your hands before you read on! 16 Things That Will Bother Tea Drinkers.

1. People who don’t know just how many types of tea there are.

Seriously, there’s a lot.

2. When they have coffee breaks at work, but no tea time.

Why should us tea drinkers have to conform to coffee drinkers’ schedules? Besides, nobody serves snacks on a coffee break.

3. People who brew tea all willy nilly.

There’s a science to brewing tea! Don’t just wing it!

4. When people use the same cups for coffee and tea.

Coffee cup left, teacup right. Know the difference!

5. When someone has every type of tea, except your favorite.

But I was really hoping that you had…

6. Weak tea.

As George Orwell says, “Tea is meant to be bitter.” Okay, maybe it doesn’t have to be bitter, but it needs full flavor!

7. When someone doesn’t understand that tea is appropriate at any time of day.

It’s never too early or too late for a nice spot of tea.

8. The fact that nobody knows about international tea day.

It’s December 15th, just FYI.

9. When people think that coffee is better than tea.

There’s no debate. Tea is just better in every way.

10. Not being able to get tea from your favorite tea vendor.

Tea drinkers have their favorite tea shop, and it’s just painful to get tea anywhere else.

11. When you visit someone’s house and they don’t immediately start a pot of tea.

Isn’t it just standard to make tea for guests, meals, natural disasters, etc.?

12. Using tea bags for more than one cup of tea.

There are lots of good things to do with used teabags. Making a second cup of tea isn’t one of them.

13. Having to drink anything besides tea.

With all the different ways to prepare tea, why drink anything else?

14. People who don’t realize how important a good teapot is.

That three dollar stainless steel kettle is NOT just as good as an actual, quality teapot.

15. When you friends travel and don’t report on the tea in each place they visited.

Mostly you’re just trying to find out if it’s worth finding a vendor that sells tea from that part of the world.

16. The fact that so many people call herbal infusions tea.

Tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. Infusions are made with herbs other than camellia sinensis. The more you know…

With all the injustices toward tea and tea drinkers in the world, it’s a good thing that we have our tea to calm us! Keep calm and brew another cup.

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