7 Tea Colors – Which Color Reveals Your Inner Personality?

 Jan 31 2018  Tea Fun
7 Tea Colors – Which Color Reveals Your Inner Personality?

Tea Colors and What They Reveal About Your Personality

According to different studies of color psychology, we all have some sort of strong bonding with our favorite colors. You may agree or disagree. But to some extent, we favor our tea in the same regime. Below you’ll learn about 7 Tea Colors – Which Color Reveals Your Inner Personality?

Let’s see what your favorite tea color says about you.

1. Black

Personality traits: Protective, dramatic, solid, classy, and formal

You’re a very formal person. Interestingly, you possess quite serious nature. Black is usually associated with negativity, formality, and seriousness. A very ingenuous color, black is worn by powerful people and business tycoons. Black has a tendency to hide and absorb other colors. You like black tea because you want to feel strong and dominant.

2. White

Personality traits: Self-regulated, centered, incentive, even-tempered and balanced

White is always associated with purity and freshness. Religious personalities and doctors wear it as it reflects purity and innocence. You like white tea because you have a stable, balanced personality. Besides this, you like cleanness and you love simplicity.

3. Green

Personality traits: Cynical, introvert, curious, calm, intellectual, and powerful

This color is most associated with nature, health, and growth. When you think of a green color, things that come to your mind include harmony, peace, and calmness. It forges equivalence between logic and emotions. You like the green sip because you love nature, you’re a caring person, you’re passionate about food, and you’re quite health conscious too!

4. Red (Oolong)

Personality traits: Pragmatic, productive, determined, confident, impatient, demanding, and argumentative

The red color is associated with energy, passion, desires, and determination. Red is often a symbol of femininity – very popular in women.  You like red sip because you have a desire to win and you want to stand out – you’re a wistful person.

5. Orange

Personality traits: Active, energetic, generous, and witty

Orange is the combination of red and yellow. Orange fetches its energy from red and its pleasant nature from yellow. It’s not a common color people want to put on. However, orange tea has its own meaning. You want an orange sip because you’re an extrovert, optimist, ambitious, and possess a high level of energy. Not only this, you also feel comfortable mingling with people because you love socializing.

6. Yellow

Personality traits: Creative thinker, flexible, helpful, forgetful, and unfocused

Yellow is the brightest color a human can recognize. When you think of yellow, you think about sunshine, summer, vacations, and other gratifying thoughts. You like yellow sip because you’re a creative person, you like to make quick decisions, you have a jolly nature, and you have loads of energy.

7. Grey

Personality traits: Helpful, spiritual, traveler, intelligent, and conservational

Grey – a combination of black and white. Not renowned as a vibrant color, it doesn’t look for diligence. Grey is a neutral and emotionless color. You like gray sip because you have a down-to-earth personality. You don’t like too much visibility. Instead, you prefer self-protection and you’re quite indifferent to situations.

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