7 Things Only Tea Lovers Know About Drinking Tea

 Jan 31 2019  Tea Fun
7 Things Only Tea Lovers Know About Tea Drinking

Must Know Things for All Real Tea Lovers

After you’ve been drinking tea for a while, you start to notice the tiny things about making and drinking tea. After even longer, those small things start to matter to you. Check out these small things about drinking tea that matter. As follows are 7 Things Only Tea Lovers Know About Drinking Tea.

1. Exactly how to make your perfect cup of tea in your favorite teapot.

You know exactly how full to fill your teapot, and how many tea leaves or tea bags you need to make it just the way you like. You’ve got the timing and ratios down to a science in your favorite pot so that you can make the perfect brew for any time of day.

You’ve made so many pots of tea in your usual teapot that you could probably do it in your sleep.

2. How much water to use for a pot of tea so there’s no weird leftover bit.

There’s a certain mark or point that you know to fill your teapot to so that there’s no awkward quarter-cup leftover when you get to the bottom of the pot. This way you can always make exactly two or three cups of tea for your day without having an awkward moment.

Sometimes guests might be a little confused why you don’t fill the pot right to the top when you make a pot of tea… Until they realize that you’ve made a perfect two-cup pot for the both of you.

3. The perfect amount of milk to add to your cup.

Technically, there’s a proper amount of milk needed to make a proper cup of tea. But, after a lot of experimenting, you’ve found that maybe a little more or less than the scientifically determined amount of milk makes the perfect tasting tea in your particular teacups.

You’ve probably even got a guide mark on your cup that you use as a fill-to line when adding your milk. Maybe it’s a tiny chip in the bottom of the cup or a part of the outside design, but you know exactly where to stop when adding milk to your cup.

4. How long do to let your cup cool before you can drink without burning yourself?

You’ve made enough cups of tea in your teacups that you know exactly when it’s safe to drink. Maybe you don’t always wait until it’s cool enough to drink before putting it to your lips, but you know when you go for it that you’re in for a scalding.

On the other end, you also know when your tea will be cold enough to chug quickly if you’re in a hurry.

This is a good sense to have because it’s comforting to know exactly how hot your tea is going to be when you grab your cup.

5. Just how long it takes to make a cup of tea, from putting the kettle on to finishing the cup.

You know exactly how long it takes for the water to boil in your pot, and how long it takes for it to steep just the way you like it, and then how long it takes to finish off a cup from your favorite teacup.

Just by looking at the clock and doing a quick bit of arithmetic, you can determine if you’ve got time for a cuppa tea. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re never late to work on account of one more cup of tea, just that you know when you’re going to be late if you make one more cup of tea.

6. How many cups of caffeinated tea you can drink in a day without missing bedtime.

Your favorite tea might not be ideal for sipping right before bed. So you’ve figured out how many cups you can handle in a day, and what time you need to stop drinking tea in order to get to bed on time.

Of course, you learned this the hard way. But the work was well worth it because now you have a carefully honed tea schedule that doesn’t keep you from getting proper sleep. Check all about tea’s caffeine content here.

7. The quickest way to wash your kettle and cup so that it’s always ready for tea time.

You’ve washed your teapot and cups so many times that you’ve got a perfectly efficient system in place for getting them clean and ready for the next tea time. Or maybe you’ve got a dishwasher and put your teapot and teacups in the perfect spot every time to get them perfectly clean.

This is a routine developed from thousands of washes, and once or twice not having your teapot and cups clean when you needed to make a quick cup of tea.

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