Tea Brewing Hasn’t Changed in the Past Century

 Feb 28 2018  Tea History
Tea Brewing Hasn't Changed in the Past Century

Tea Brewing Hasn’t Changed in the Past Century. These Tea Crystals Could Change That

Pique, a startup company, has morphed tea leaves into crystals that rapidly dissolve when placed in water. This process leads to the creation of a quick and stronger drink.

The benefit of this for tea drinkers is the elimination of the tea brewing process.  This also eliminates the potential for steeping the too short as well as too long. Good news, the startup has been able to successfully apply this process to all types of tea. Based off of reviews we’ve read, the flavor of tea undergone in this process, as opposed to the traditional process, is excellent.

Pique started about two years ago. Pique’s founder spent time traveling throughout China and Asia, where tea is extremely popular. The founder is a big proponent of tea for its many health benefits. One of the big benefits of tea is how rich in antioxidants it is. Antioxidants as many of you already know, are extremely helpful in protecting the body from the effects of pollution. Additionally, studies shown that it also can help decrease the risk of heart disease and bone shrinking, while increasing your chances of fending off cancer through immunity boosts. That being said, you do need to drink tea frequently to experience the benefits of tea.

The heating of tea leaves actually causes damage to them. Pique has taken a different approach as a result. Pique has a special method of cold brewing which applies a little bit of pressure and low heat to create crystals. The customer can use these crystals, pour it into hot or cold water, and immediately drink it. As you can imagine, there are many benefits to this approach. First off, it saves a tremendous amount of time. On top of saving time, it helps keep the nutrients in the tea intact. They have done a study on this process that shows you consume six times the amount of antioxidants with this approach, versus the traditional approach. Additionally, because the tea is contained in an airtight packet, this prevents bacteria from growing. Loose leaf tag and bags are more prone to mold and bacteria growing.

“Our goal is to help people in the modern world be able to get the amount of tea that they need to achieve the benefits from it,” Cheng, Piques founder says. “We also want it to be as safe and potent as it can be.”

Pique Reviews

The concept has been a major hit in the natural foods industry. Pique was among the seven companies that made it into Chobani’s incubator, whose goal is to help startups trying to bring better food to more people.

You can find the product available for sale in over 1,500 retail locations. They are currently being sold in the likes of Whole Foods, Wegman’s, Sprouts. Also you can find it on Amazon, as well as on Pique Tea website.

Tea experts have also judged Pique’s tea to be objectively as good, or better, than teas that are steeped in leaves. It won three gold medals at the Global Tea Championships, which included criteria such as taste, convenience, and potency.

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