Tea and Food Pairings

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Tea and Food Pairings

10 Tea and Food Pairings You’ve Got to Try

Tea is just as sophisticated (or maybe more sophisticated) than wine, so it makes sense that good tea would naturally pair with good food. Here are some tea and food combos that you should definitely try out. Check out 10 Tea and Food Pairings below.

Bai Mu Dan + basmati rice, light fish, and simple salads

White teas have an incredibly subtle, and slightly sweet flavor. Pair white tea with mild protein and vegetable dishes to avoid overpowering your tea with your food.

Dragonwell + fish, seafood, chicken, and light salads

Green tea has a refreshing, plant-based flavor that pairs beautifully with lightly seasoned meats and salads built with mild vegetables.

Bao Zhong + light breads with butter, and grilled meats and duck

Darker oolong teas have a black tea-like flavor profile that compliments stronger flavors like well seasoned, grilled proteins. Lighter, buttered breads also pair nicely with oolong tea for a delightful tea time.

Keenum + full flavored foods (Chinese, Mexican, Indian, or Italian)

The robust aroma and flavor profile of black tea makes it well matched to well-spiced dishes and hearty meats.

Wild Tree Mini Tuo-Cha + red meats, stir-fry, and oily foods

Pu-Erh tea has a reputation for its digestive benefits, which makes it ideal for drinking after a large, multi-course meal, or eating heavier proteins like steak.

Darjeeling + creamy desserts

Black tea is a good candidate for having with sweet, creamy dishes because the strong flavors and aroma of the tea won’t be overpowered by the sweetness of your dessert. Black tea also contrasts well with the softer flavor profiles of cream-based dishes.

Ti Kuan Yin + fruit-based desserts

This oolong tea has a more vegetative flavor that pairs well with the natural citrus and sugars in fruit.

Lapsang Souchong + lemony desserts

The smoky aroma and crisp character of some black teas make them ideal for tempering the flavor of more tart sweets.

Assam + custard, chocolate, or lemon desserts

A maltier tea with tones of caramel will sit wonderfully next to smoother desserts like custard and chocolate puddings or cake desserts. The mellow flavor of the tea also makes it a nice companion to a lemon dish.

Plum Oolong + bread with jam

If you like jam with your toast, a fruit-based oolong will provide delightfully complementing fruit flavors. The jam and the oolong will each enhance the other’s flavors.

Tea has always been a wonderful accompaniment to meals. What’s your favorite tea and food pairing?

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