Types Of Chinese Tea

 Mar 03 2019  Tea History
Types Of Chinese Tea

The Different Types Of Chinese Tea

You might be familiar with the Chinese phrase, “Firewood, oil, rice, vinegar, sauce, salt, and tea are the 7 requirements to start a day.” While tea is last on the list, don’t let that fool you. Tea is just as important and well-regarded as the other six on the list for the Chinese.

If we consider the different types of high-quality tea, there are 8 different types. The eight different types of tea are: 1) Green, 2) Oolong, 3) Black, 4) Red, 5) White, 6) Yellow, 7) Flower, and 8) Compressed tea.

Green Tea

According to professionals, green tea has tons of medicinal value and contains the least amount of caffeine out of the teas on the list. The smell of this tea varies from medium to high, while the taste tends to be on light to medium side. Around 50% of China’s tea is green tea, making it the most popular.

Green tea is said to the most natural kind of Chinese tea. Unlike the other teas, with the exception of white tea, green tea also skips the fermentation process.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is halfway between green tea and black tea since it is only half fermented. Its fallen leaves are green in the center and red on the outside as an outcome of the procedure used to soften tea leaves.

Oolong tea leaves are primarily withered and spread out prior to going through a short fermentation procedure.

Black Tea

When made, the Chinese black tea creates a robust brownish-yellow. Black undergoes withering and is then left to ferment for a quite some time. The fallen leaves of this tea turn out totally oxidized after processing.

Red Tea

As the name indicates, this sort of Chinese tea has red fallen leaves as well as red tea shade. This shade is highly highlighted throughout the fermentation procedure. It is additionally taken into consideration that red tea has reduced fragrance and also medium taste and also it is now divided into 3 subdivisions: Kung Fu Red Tea, Ted Tea Bits, as well as Small Species Red Tea.

White Tea

This kind of Chinese tea is often thought about as subdivision of green tea. White tea also doesn’t undergo a process of fermentation.

Yellow Tea

As you would probably guess, yellow tea has yellow fallen leaves as well as yellow tea color. Yellow tea isn’t very common today in Chinese culture. The taste of yellow tea is revitalizing and mild.

Flower Tea

Below is a one-of-a-kind Chinese tea – the Flower tea. It is composed of Flower tea and Scented tea. Flower Tea uses dried flowers without much processing. It uses green and red tea for its base and then is mixed with the scent of natural flower tea.

Compressed Tea

Last but not least is Compressed tea. It has all the qualities of black tea. Compressed tea is steamed and compressed in bricks, cakes, columns, and other shapes. It can be stored for years and decades even.

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