What is CBD Tea and what are the benefits of CBD Tea?

 Feb 03 2019  Health & Fitness
cbd tea

Wouldn’t you agree that our crazy busy lives need constant, relaxing breaks?

While your idea of what constitutes a relaxing break may differ from your friend or family members, isn’t a healing cup of tea always an amazing idea?

We at Tea Lovers strongly believe that a one-two punch in your cup of tea is the secret to relaxing downtime.

So, what are we really referring to?

Water-soluble CBD (cannabidiol) Tea, of course! Because when 5 mg of water-soluble CBD mixes with your favorite tea, we strongly believe there is no better way to enjoy a cup of smooth, enjoyable peace.

Water-soluble CBD + Exceptional Tea = The Perfect Cup O’ Bliss : )

What does CBD stand for and mean?:

Cannabidiol is the full spelling of CBD and it is the scientific name for CBD. Cannabidiol the part of the cannabis plant that those seeking the healing, non-psychotropic elements of cannabis, seek out. CBD can be found in both hemp and marijuana plants.

Cannabidiol is the scientific name for CBD, which is the part of the cannabis plant that most interests those seeking the healing, non-psychotropic elements of cannabis. CBD is found in both hemp and marijuana plants.

Is CBD Legal?:

Yes, it is (for the most part) and was prior to 1937 for thousands of years, thanks in part to studies done in the early 1990’s by Lisa Matsuda and her team at the National Institute of Mental Health. From these studies, scientists discovered interesting findings based on testing from lab rats: these rats brains had specific receptors for cannabinoids, both THC and CBD.

In Conclusion:

The human body has its own endocannabinoid system perfectly created to achieve homeostasis. Thus, if the system is not working to its fullest capacity, one way to bring the body back to balance is to give it what it is missing. In this case, that missing thing might be CBD, as studies currently show.

Back to the legality issue:

As far as our USA laws go, CBD is (pretty much) legal when it is derived from the hemp plant (different than when it derives from marijuana plants). According to the Agricultural Act of 2014, in order for CBD to be legal, it must contain less than .3% THC. Make sure to look for a CBD tea that is legal under these guidelines.

But There’s a Catch:

Use of CBD is still a burgeoning area of the law. You should know that even if the federal government classifies CBD intake as legal, your state may not. Some states are only allowing the use of CBD with a medical prescription, so be sure to check where your state stands on CBD.

What is water-soluble CBD Tea?

The adult human body consists of approximately 50-65% water. This high percentage of TBW (total body water) makes it difficult to absorb substances that are not water-based.

Why is this important?

Though CBD oil is great for using topically or vaping, when immersed in a cup of tea, science illustrates that non-water-based CBD isn’t going to be utilized the way you intended.

In other words:

Water and oil don’t mix.

How to make CBD Tea:

Here’s the best part: Buddha Teas has taken the mystery out of crafting the most bioavailable cup of CBD tea on the market. We’ve discovered a process that takes the oil and transforms it into a powder that we slip into our bleach-free bags along with the organic teas. All you need to do is heat the water to its proper temperature, steep appropriate amount of time, then sit back and enjoy.

When/How to drink CBD Tea:

Because CBD is known to absorb best with a little dietary fat, enjoy your CBD Buddha Teas with, or just after, a meal or snack.

We can’t emphasize enough:

Once you’ve made the choice to cultivate more health through the use of CBD, you want to make sure you aren’t pouring your investment down the drain. This means you want what you consume to actually work, right? We know for sure that oil does not mix with water. So, it is vital that when choosing to drink CBD tea, you know how the CBD was processed, in what form the CBD was combined with the tea, and that the final product is as bioavailable as possible.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, What is CBD Tea and what are the benefits of CBD Tea.

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